1. On a homebrew level I tried an oatmilkshake IPA, it came out clear and smooth.

  2. How very American of you. Europeans fill their bottles to 330ml, but you wouldn't think about the metric system would you?

  3. Because we work our asses off to make the best product possible, including proper color.

  4. If you're just going one day skip Disney Springs, that's a lot of wasted travel time.

  5. Is there a specific multi-tool you would recommend?

  6. One with pliers, that's the feature I use most outside the knife blade.

  7. My only concern would the the size of the pit vs brisket and wasting fuel keeping the large area hot. So what I'm saying is, do five briskets.

  8. Right. The plan would be to do 7-10. For a wedding.

  9. Depending on cottage laws in your state, you may be able to sell sauce and rubs out of your house. In my state, Colorado, you're limited to safe foods that don't require refrigeration. Also limited to direct consumer sales, not to stores.

  10. What's old and gross is new and gross again.

  11. While it's been a few years for us, we always found it easier to take our stroller from home. (It was a Graco Metrolite Stroller circa 2009, rated for up to 100lbs.)

  12. We don't have a stroller anymore, and won't need one regularly, didn't even know these types of services existed until the other day.

  13. Scooterbug is Disney’s preferred vendor and they are the only ones who can drop off and pick up from Disney resort Bell Services without you needing to be there. Just FYI in case this is a convenience you want. Plenty of people rent from other companies, but you’ll meet the delivery person for pick up and drop off.

  14. That sounds very convenient! Thanks for the tip.

  15. Joe's ribs were maybe the best I've ever had. Q39 had great burnt ends. Weird wild card: the lamb ribs at Jack Stack is perhaps the single most memorable barbecue dish I've ever had at a restaurant.

  16. I remember they has a plate of pork, beef, and lamb ribs. Just incredible. Kinda scared to think about the price of that now.

  17. If you asked the account that question the response would be “what’s that?”

  18. "What do you mean clean them? it's alcohol right?"

  19. Even if you make a beer from gluten free products, if it's not on dedicated gluten free equipment (never touched gluten products) it's not considered gluten free.

  20. I don't think that's true. I think you just need a certified cleaning regiment that gets occasionally inspected to maintain certification.

  21. I'm open to that being true, I've just never heard of such a thing, and that's not how food manufacturers handle allergens from my understanding.

  22. Smoking your dog would be animal cruelty, you should not do it.

  23. This is how NA Beer should be. Shouldn't be obviously NA like Athletic and other brands.

  24. Honestly I like Athletic brewing way better and I think Heineken 0.0 tastes like ass but so does a regular Heineken so I guess they did a good job. They certainly put the heiny (ass) in Heineken.

  25. I've never had Heineken 0.0, so it could be worse than Athletic. Athletic falls in the "good for NA beer" category, not the "good beer" category, which is what consumers should be demanding from NA producers.

  26. If you answered "put them on the shelf,"

  27. This is a forum for brewing professionals, please ask this in

  28. How much phosphoric are you adding ? Curious of rates cuz I'm bout to start implementing phosphoric vs acid malt.

  29. Water chemistry (water source and mash/sparge additions) is going to be a big factor here. You'll want to start with small doses.

  30. Good point. Grist contents and other things too like you said. I'm planning on using Brew n water to help along with the baseline info.

  31. It's also important to remember pH isn't linear to the quantities of acid you're adding. We lower ph at whirlpool with lactic acid, at 250 grams we're down from ~5.4 to ~5.2. I add another 50 grams and were at ~5.0.

  32. Fair Isle in Seattle is a must. One of the best breweries in the country, hands down.

  33. I've been using a sonic soak ultrasonic cleaner with good success. What attracted me to it was the fact that I can just drop it into a 5 gallon bucket rather than having some big dedicated cleaner.

  34. Taking this to my manager today. Looks like a game changer.

  35. Before even looking at this, you need to consider how you're going to pasteurize it. You can't pasteurize it? You can't make NA beer. All stop.

  36. I would be going with bath pasturization, or trying it, and then testing rigorously before releasing it. I can't see why bath pasteurization wouldn't work but as someone in the NA space please let me know if you know of one too.

  37. As long as you're actually hitting temp targets with bath pasteurization that's fine. We don't keg and I wouldn't recommend it. Any dirty line or tap could infect the entire keg. If you're keeping it in house with good cleaning protocols (and you're willing to dump a keg if it gets infected) that's one thing, but sending them out to accounts is a great way for your product to get someone sick.

  38. Buy a vacuum sealer and just freeze stuff you don't think you'll be able to eat.

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