1. We are a 3-player group that played GH, Jaws, Forgotten Circles, and Crimson Scales. We have found Frosthaven to be much more challenging so far, but perhaps for reasons different than some would expect.

  2. I figured it out, after a couple of hours of trial and error. Once I figured it out, the Lava Elementals could be killed quite easily.

  3. Also use melee weapons that give high results, whirlwind has become my go-to, as it is an area of effect weapon, if they are together, it hits both of them hard...upgrade whirlwind, brutal strike, silence to the max...lightning orb also.

  4. Just curious... what did you do to push your character to level 56? I finished the game about a year ago (no maps left to find) and just kept playing for the fun of it, but found that leveling up was taking FOREVER... like a week of playing to go up 1 level. Are there monsters that a better for getting big experience? Places to go that have better output of experience? I only get to play maybe an hour every 2-3 days.

  5. Can you, though? Can GH characters transfer to FH without issue?

  6. You need to look on the website. All of the base GH characters have new character sheets to make them compatible with FH. It’s been posted in this sub a few times

  7. Perfect... thanks. I tried searching 'Envelope X' and other keywords like that here on Reddit. Couldn't find a reference for what I was asking (found 1000 other questions and comments but not about playing it in FH), but now that I've found it, I understand.

  8. One example that is confusing... the large dungeon corridor seems very dark blue, while the the dungeon corridor (1 hex) is a lighter blue. And then the metal corridors are another slightly bluer color. Makes me wonder if my eyes are deceiving me.

  9. Yeah, I've come across the same thing. But then I'm like, 'if I'm wasting 60 seconds trying to differentiate between this or that corridor...does it really matter?' and use whatever one I picked up.

  10. I agree. However, there is a small OCD part of my brain that wants to buy into the artwork. And there is also a thought that perhaps some map in FH will say "For this scenario, all dungeon corridors are treated as ice, and all metal corridors are considered hazardous terrain". I suppose it isn't likely, but if something like this happened, I'd be frustrated by the similarities.

  11. We house ruled one thing here... If you have a potion that creates an element, it can be used as your first action of your turn (before using either top or bottom action) to activate the element and use it immediately. Otherwise those potions often end up wasted and no one wants them.

  12. In canada everyone except if you have UPS mychoice I believe.

  13. Everyone is getting shipping info ahead of time? Or everyone is just getting it delivered to their door without notice?

  14. If you don't sign up for UPS mychoice it will just show up. Extra annoying because for me it showed as requiring a signature. I was able to set it to just be dropped off. Not sure if that has been the case for everyone.

  15. When I got Crimson Scales, UPS sent me a notification about 4 days ahead, and I was able to track it immediately. Is Frosthaven not working this way?

  16. I don't think Tusks would play well as a tank at all. I have played the first three scenarios as Tusks and had Chained Helm and Leaf with me. Helm seems much more suited for a tanking role.

  17. Yes, we played two-mini (one of my favorites) and circles (one of my least favorites). Definitely not a tank, although the two-mini beast had a ton of hit points, so he could stay alive. Summons in the GH world just really stink if they have no range, or if they are fighting an onslaught of ranged enemies (which is where we are struggling). But with our other two characters (tools and leaf) being great support characters with a lot of range, we really need a rough-and-tough person out in the front, and I guess Tusks isn't it. By the way... what does DPS mean in GH? I always thought that meant damage per second?

  18. DPS is probably the wrong term, but you want to be a damage dealer.

  19. I do it for the same latte, but not for a different one. My espresso cup holds a bit more than a double shot, so after it's done a standard double shot, I hit the single shot for another half-shot. My taste buys aren't refined enough to tell, and my guess is 95% of people couldn't tell (despite what they are saying here).

  20. We have a marker on the table the shows 'clockwise' or 'counter-clockwise' and we alternate each round. Azul is terrible when played in the same direction every round. Strategic player to my right, and casual player to my left, and the game would really, really suck.

  21. Spotify has been sketchy lately. I have the premium version, and almost all of my songs stop at some point (random) and jump to the next song in the album. 95% of the songs do this. Average song length is about 2 minutes, then it stops and the next song starts.

  22. If your machine’s water tank is externally accessible, and you’re willing to drill a hole in it, there are a bunch of kits available to run a water line from an under sink filter to the tank. I fitted this one

  23. Just went on our first Virgin Voyages cruise, and it had better fish than the other lines we've traveled. We've gone on about 15 cruises (Carnival, Celebrity, Royal Caribbean, Norwegian, and Princess) and none have had good fish. I think it is because they have to deep freeze everything and that kills the fish. Good fish is stored on ice but is not frozen enough to destroy the cell structure.

  24. A couple questions. First, we're taking our first VV cruise in January. We've done RCCL and Celebrity in the past. We have a Rockstar Suite for this cruise and were hoping to get some info on beverages. We know we'll have a "curated" mini bar. It's looking like scotch and bourbon are usually included in the minibar, along with rum, vodka, tequila and wine. We aren't big drinkers these days and since we do have the mini bar we're hoping to avoid ordering many drinks from bars or during meals.

  25. I just got back from our cruise yesterday. Had a great time. I'll try to answer your questions...

  26. I'll try to remember to come back and answer this. We leave on our cruise in early December, so I'm sure I'll have answers.

  27. Noob question here... what is this app being shown?

  28. My grandparents' home was built in the 1940s and had 1 bathroom, downstairs. The two bedrooms upstairs had a sink just like this photograph.

  29. Monsters would try to find a path to a hex they can attack from that does not include stepping on a trap. If such a path exists - no matter how long it is, or how much movement it would take to follow it - they would not step on the trap, and would try to follow that path.

  30. What is their allies are in that path? They could reach me if they step on a trap and get to me, or wait at the back of the line and do nothing.

  31. If they could reach a tile to attack from on that path with unlimited movement, but their allies are in the path and they don't have enough movement to go through them, they don't move unless it gets them closer to the hex they can attack from without going through a trap.

  32. They can reach me in 2 movement thru a trap. They cannot reach me otherwise because their allies are clogging the path (even if they had 100 movement). So they just wait in line and attack 1 at a time and avoid the trap?

  33. My wife and I have a very similar dynamic. A couple years ago we switched to co-op games and MAN things have gotten better. We absolutely LOVE Gloomhaven (and Crimson Scales, and soon Frosthaven). We did Pandemic Season 1 this past summer and really loved it. We've played about 20 rounds of Arkham Horror and we're not sure yet whether we like it or not. But for us, coop games really fit the bill, and we haven't played many competetive games since.

  34. I just finished this same PQ after our party had completed 22 scenarios. It was very difficult to achieve, as we only came across 3 levels with any Inox. My character was on level 7 before we just said 'screw it, let's go back to scenario two and force the issue". Luckily I really loved my character (Chainguard) so it wasn't exactly a hardship, but our other two characters retired quite quickly, so it just didn't seem equitable.

  35. Settler's: Cities and Knights. I don't play it anymore (we played it too much, got majorly burned out) but it made the game MUCH better. Once we switched, I could never go back to the base game.

  36. the only time I played Cities and Knights my starting city got downgraded into a settlement like, turn 1 or two or something(very early, I don't remember specifics, it's been a decade or so), and then I wasn't having any fun and we quit early because the entire point of that game was to try to convince me that C&K improved the game significantly.

  37. That is one of about 10 reasons we ended up quitting forever. It was an excellent gateway game that I give massive credit to. I guess like an ex-wife that produced 4 beautiful children but I'm glad I never have to sleep with again.

  38. If 6 people... Sushi Go, Jamaica, One Night Werewolf, Decrypto.

  39. Condescending? That's rich, coming from someone who added this little gem to their post:

  40. My post query is genuine. I care about people's opinions on this. I need no validation on anything (what am I trying to validate? I know nothing about TI). I welcome anyone saying they didn't like the game for certain reasons. It doesn't help for someone to say that because I only play 20 games a year (and ignore the other 50 that I've exhausted over the years) that they know me (somehow) enough to say TI isn't for me. There is no correlation there. It is conceit and suoeriority. Pure and simple. My question about downvotes is also genuine. It always confuses me. I've never downvoted someone for asking for advice. Ever. I downvote nasty responses, but never questions that are genuine. I don't understand people's reasons for downvoting posts like this. I just asked a question.

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