Hollywood has been unusually silent after this masterpiece

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  1. Literally had to clean my glasses to see if I am seeing it correctly. Literally little to no change

  2. Quetzalcoatl is a god, so I will go with him

  3. Making sure... Bollywood, right? Hollywood would be disappointed in their sister version

  4. Since all starter has a theme, is the theme for this generation starter entertainers?

  5. Kamen Rider Amazon's Amazon were pretty graphic and brutal. Not the showa Amazon, but the dark reboot during the time of Ex-Aid. Maybe Kamen Rider Black Sun may replace my thoughts on monsters of Kamen Rider Amazon

  6. The legend form used by other Kamen Riders that are not anniversary is really not needed. Plus, ideas are getting drained quicker with how the forms should look.

  7. Seeing Fourze, my first Kamen Rider, was ten years old makes me feel very old. Man, I miss youth

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