1. Is that pink vending machine just a customisation? Am pretty jealous

  2. It's a nook mile shop item. The colors are different per island so you may have to trade for one (I had to trade for mine)

  3. Mal at best. These jewels are nice for socketing into a merc’s Eth Headstriker and good ones go for 2+ Ists. This one is just average.

  4. I recently started printing PETG and have had decent success but wanted to try calibrating a bit.

  5. Have you tried just putting some glue stick on the bed.

  6. I was hoping to avoid that... is it possible with out using an adhesive on the first layer or is this a standard procedure for PETG?

  7. Anyone know if the pikachu figure collection was ever actually for sale on gamestop?

  8. Is anyone able to use gamestop rewards codes on pokemon cards? Not sure if this promo is causing them not to work or something.

  9. Looks like they are trying to get rid of stock that no one wants lol

  10. I just installed a CR touch yesterday and my guess would be that you need to unplug your z switch. You don't need that anymore

  11. They have evolutions, 2 s and a, cosmic eclipse and something else I believe

  12. Be careful if you are buying this mainly for the Cosmic Eclipse. I purchased this in Jan and got an unbroken bonds instead.

  13. I got blocked trying to increase my quantity but somehow got unblocked and managed to get an order in before getting blocked again

  14. Does anyone know if pokemon center will cancel orders for people who make multiple to avoid the limit?

  15. I did the same thing as well actually lol. I had ordered 12 from Target, and then managed to get them price matched today. I got the 10% off toys added on top plus I used a $500 gift card I got 15% off of when I got it only paying $425, so I essentially got the tins half off lol

  16. Did you do this online? I tried to price match and the agent said the upc codes are different. Do you just have to be lucky?

  17. Was anyone able to pricematch online? They said the UPS code is different... maybe it's easier to do in store but it's impossible to find any inventory in my city :|

  18. Just compared it to my own M Gengar. Its super realistic but I think its a fake only due to the rainbow shine going over where the attacks are, its too glossy. A lot of fakes as far as I've seen make the whole card reflective rather than select parts, but the part of the card with the attack text should not be reflective. Sorry to say I think thats a fake :(

  19. No worries, I got it on Ebay so i should be fine. I just wanted to confirm my suspicion. Thank you so much!

  20. I started getting into collecting Pokemon cards again and started purchasing some of the cards i liked. This M Gengar EX 121/119 (right) arrived today and something about it seems off.

  21. I've never bought these tins. Are the cards in these packs usually messed up?

  22. I feel like people buy everything and turn them around that day for double or triple. I feel it's inflating the market making for everyday collectors. Maybe it's naive of me.

  23. If you are buying to resell for short term profit then you are, by definition, a scalper. Unfortunately, Champion's Path are not very popular anymore unless it's the ETB. I'm not sure how many people will be looking for the Hatterene Box, especially above MSRP, since it's so much easier to find.

  24. Basically came out to 57.78 for me. GameStop was 64.76 for me after taxes, so a bit cheaper for me at Safari-Zone.

  25. Ah my mistake, I also didn't realize its all 3 for 40. That makes more sense then, that's a good deal!

  26. I love this but I'd there a way you can make an image with all of the seasons ? Like a long image containing all of the other images. Or just an image gallery? It would be an amazing reference !

  27. Wait the holly doesn’t bloom WHILE there’s snow on them? That’s the biggest scam ever

  28. Don't quote me on this but i think you may get a few days. I haven't checked personally but google says snow coverage on Dec 10th and it says Holly bushes bloom until Dec 15th.

  29. Here's the code for the coke machine: MO-KQMX-1CJ6-T8VM

  30. How do i enter the code? Sorry kind of new to Animal Crossing

  31. If you have time, could you share the code for that stage?? :)

  32. I figured it out. You turn one on and crank it to whatever volume and the rest of the speakers/record players/etc all follow the lead.

  33. Wow, i had no clue you could adjust the volume... I can actually hear the music in the center of the bar now!

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