1. High ground is a path way to unimaginable power. Can you show us your way to seize such might.

  2. I shall spread the word and hope this does not happen to me. One must be ready to camp the high ground and stay hidden.. I recommend using a friend as bait to keep the enemies attention. Spawn in the church of Ellah (sp?) near the start of the map. Head NW and you will see the huge stone structure next to the cliffs. You can walk up there. Just be careful because invaders sometimes will spawn behind you.

  3. Is that the halo 3 legendary edition helmet? I had one very similar that you would get with the game inside.

  4. Yes exactly.. there is a wrapped game inside as well as a DVD of some behind the scenes stuff

  5. Same here..was playing yesterday just fine. Turned on my Xbox and it wants to redownload the whole game.

  6. ok guys... who put a mustache on that lady?

  7. Pretty sure she just glued some of her boyfriends pubes to her upper lip for the photo.

  8. Where is this on the map? I don’t think I’ve ever seen that doorway before 🤦🏻‍♂️🤔

  9. God I love the mastiff, I would use it every game if I could.

  10. When I can't get my hands on ol' faithful, I'll rock an eva-8, purple bolt and double tap. Land a clean first shot and it's alot like a Mastiff IMO.

  11. Just a sec ..... just patching myself up a bit.

  12. Just a sec couple hours....Just patching myself xbox up a bit.

  13. You sound like the same person who keeps calling from Comcast to lower my bill.

  14. Bro. More games need to do this. The best example is Far Cry 3. The best player on the winning team gets to either "Congratulate" or "Punish" the best player on the losing team.

  15. Nothing says congratulations like a boot to the brains lol

  16. You sure did! After hitting those 36 bangers before getting blasted with Rev's tactical, I thought it was over for me

  17. For real though. I started to main him after realizing how good he is at fending off the third party. That ULT ability can also get you outta some tough times lol.

  18. Bet you can't play this without ripping your own shirt off

  19. You look and sound like a person who has made some great life choices

  20. Are you 110% sure you're not just pulling it out a little bit?

  21. I agree. Being able to scale that high without being detected is a major bonus. Rev makes it possible to push teams from some scary new angles they may not be expecting.

  22. I was wondering the same thing. Either controller died at a really bad time, or she thought she was safe behind cover lol.

  23. The only fingering he'll ever get to do 👍

  24. Even without the tag, I could tell these were PS4 players

  25. Deleted dev comment still captured by the bot. Likely deleted because it preemptively confirms Revenant as a playable legend.

  26. Tyrone Biggums voice -"Aye Respawn...You got anymore of them stories from the outlands?"

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