1. We can reveal that Ceremy will be standing not for us but for the Preen Garty.

  2. You are responding like I said it never happens? I said it's pretty rare, and it is.

  3. It'll hardly happen whilst the SNP keep getting voted in. Otherwise it's not that rare. It's just one of those points made by the SNP mainly to use it to further their cause for Indy.

  4. This was claimed in 2019 as well and look what happened. Becoming a Rejoin party would kill Labour and completely erode the 20 point lead.

  5. How come Flynn isn't doing the questions today when he's present anyways?

  6. I knew he was going to use 'scum' as a reply to that.

  7. I got banned for simply not being a hard leftist. Once I made it clear I was moderate they just flat out banned me.

  8. Sure, but now you're calling potential voters enemies, having spent the last 5+ years chastising your internal opponents for doing the same.

  9. There's a difference - I'm calling those who actively told people who were unsure about Corbyn to vote Tory liabilities. They don't have any leg to stand on when it comes to electability.

  10. It's done. Corbyn has been banned from standing as a Labour candidate by the Labour NEC.

  11. I think he gets it in particular because he presided over the worst defeat in Labour's history, in turn enabling the Tories. Yet people from his wing of the party constantly attack Blair and call him a traitor for being centrist when he's the last Labour leader to have won an election.

  12. Why doesn't he just retire and leave politics?

  13. Idk why everyone keeps prefacing their opinion with PSA?

  14. i recall he made a list of pledges to secure a portion of the left/centre left vote. any news on those?

  15. Yawn. Come up with something new as opposed to the pledges thing.

  16. Wouldn't Labour - the supposed party of the left - losing their left wing supporters and activists (who carry out a good chunk of their electioneering) be precisely the thing that could hurt Stammer?

  17. No. Because everytime the party has turned to the left it has lost elections.

  18. git says:

    "A dark day for democracy," says Momentum

  19. Can they not just disband from the party now? It's bewildering why they're still willing to stick along somewhere they're not welcome anymore.

  20. "And so in the end, the pro-Putin anti-semitic enabler had found himself effectively expelled from the very party he damaged and nearly destroyed." - concluded the narrator.

  21. Yeah the party has the final decision and this CLP needs to get in line with what's just been passed through the NEC. If they don't like it then it's tough tbh.

  22. Good riddance you pro-Putin crank. You destroyed the party in 2019 and your supporters are anti-semitic.

  23. God seeing him like this makes me angry. And like I said in ukpol, if you can't handle the media then being a party leader isn't your best choice of a job.

  24. https://news.sky.com/story/corbyn-refuses-to-be-drawn-on-his-future-as-labour-prepares-to-block-him-from-standing-as-party-mp-12843451

  25. That's not a great look, hostile to a journalist asking questions about something he announced himself, and getting right up in her face too.

  26. If I was in her shoes I'd have been a bit more stern. There's no way anybody would willingly get demeaned and patronised like that without a comeback.

  27. I think a lot of people here are missing the point of this post, he's saying it should not be up to the people at the top of the labour party to decide who stands in that party, the labour candidate for an area should be chosen by the labour members from that area. Blocking him from standing means that the local members don't get to vote for him even if they want to. Regardless of what you think about him personally, what he is saying here makes sense.

  28. It doesn't make sense at all. He's unfit to be an MP so damn right he should retire with his pro-Russian views on Ukraine.

  29. To be honest even if he manages to win in 2024 as an independent when he's blocked tomorrow from standing for Labour, not if, but when, then it's hardly a loss. Islington North is a rich middle class seat in London and I'd imagine Starmer's more keen to get away from seats like that and into the Blyth Valleys of the world.

  30. Why not? I would vote for Corbyn were I his constituent (and I'm not even a Labour supporter generally).

  31. Why have you gone with Sailing? it's a meme of a skill that nobody wanted in 2014.

  32. First thing that popped into my head when I read this was that LazyTown song about being a pirate or something lmao.

  33. This is an article I've gone back to a few times. Even after 2017 Corbyn couldn't register a positive approval rating more than once - and as it says, he didn't win in 2017 as his fans think.

  34. No one in Scotland has the appetite for a branch office dupe indistinguishable from the other branch office dupes in the Cons and Lib Dems.

  35. They are making a dent in the polls though if you've seen the last few.

  36. Starmer's recent comments on anti social behaviour not being taken seriously, his example of a constituent complaining that there is a constant smell of weed in their children's bedroom, and the response to that is hilarious.

  37. I hate the smell myself and as much as it'll get ridiculed online by those who want it legalized, it was a simple one liner that'll have cut through just on how simple of a line it is.

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