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  1. I ordered direct, and it took close to 3 months to finally arrive. In fairness to Free League, some of what I ordered was being reprinted at the same time as one of their Kickstarters was ending, so a delay was expected. But 3 months for an older product seems excessive.

  2. Haha you don't know my daughter. She's actually not a bad eater but she won't eat whole vegetables at all, and especially not raw ones. So a meal like this would be ham, cheese and olives, too much salt.

  3. If she'll eat olives, will she eat grapes? We rinse the whole bunch and leave them in a bowl for the kids to snack on whenever. The ~2 pound bag typically lasts a week between two school-age kids.

  4. Not until we can find a way to safely dispose of nuclear waste. Right now, the best method we have holds radiation for 100 years. But the half life of the waste is 27,000 years. It’s cleaner to burn but the byproducts are as bad or worse than fossil fuels.

  5. With old reactors, maybe. Newer reactor tech is a lot more efficient and produces less waste.

  6. I don’t need a left leaning one. I just don’t want to get stared down and looked at dirty. And it would be nice if every tv wasn’t only football and Fox.

  7. Have you tried not wearing Beto shirts to the gym? I totally get expressing yourself and/or supporting the politician of your choice, but wearing political ads doesn't have to be a full time job. Wear a nondescript athletic shirt to do athletics, and save the activist gear for other/better venues.

  8. In ages past phones were just a network of physical wires.

  9. Except for all the parts that are wireless.

  10. It's just the last hop that's wireless. All the towers are still a physical network. The internet to your house is a physical network too unless you're using a wireless provider, in which case see above.

  11. I haven't gotten through the entire main quest in 76 yet, but in 76 there are several holotapes from Responders that talk about the BOS essentially running a protection racket. "Give us supplies so we can 'protect' you from the Scorched. Or else."

  12. I did this same thing this weekend when I was the only one who showed up for most of the event. Just murdered everything from the top of the lighthouse and ran down about halfway through to do the area looting. Collected like 40 fluid all in one go.

  13. Oh dang, that would have been good to know. I just did that event solo too, but I didn't know I could reach down and stood just in front of the door instead.

  14. Don't hang out with seb and dudegno they associate with nefarious characters like me ign platypuswill920 I'll be on in a out an hour

  15. Yeah. I kind of wanted to make the list to have a reference of how powerful players are at every level in comparison to NPCs.

  16. In PF1 my group played through all of Emerald Spire, plus some sidequests. In the beginning, we were being hassled by Hellknights and bandits. By the end (Level 14) we were probably the most powerful people in the whole River Kingdoms. It's a nice feeling.

  17. I guess an in lore reason could be that strong materials to actually make a bow are incredibly rare in most of the wasteland. Healthy wood is virtually non-existent due to the mass eradication of most plant life, and any metal that is actually strong enough is likely to be much more prioritised for other things like armour or, in the NCR, infrastructure such as railways.

  18. Depends on which Fallout. Plenty of trees in 4. But you don't need an osage orange tree in your backyard. Plenty of stuff can be used to make bows with off-the-shelf components.

  19. But it's the GMs discretion as to whether we're talking webbed toes inbred or secret fishmen cult inbred.

  20. You know it's almost always going to be the second one.

  21. Settlements were my favorite part of the game. The main storyline is boring AF. Radiant quests too, after you've done a few of them. The only thing I found interesting was building settlements.

  22. I was thinking of the Phyrexians, too. Gradually replacing living things, piece by piece, to serve a larger machine singularly focused on its own dominance and expansion.

  23. I've been in and around MTG since like 1997, and somehow didn't realize until your comment that Phyrexia and Yawgmoth are metaphors for unregulated capitalism. I don't know which is worse: that, or just how apt the metaphor is.

  24. It definitely ties into the theme of industrialization! The Industrial Revolution made capital (i.e., the means of production) leap forward in productivity, and thus ownership of that capital became extremely important. When that capital is held in private hands, that's capitalism, which can lead to exploitation, environmental disaster, subjugation, all that good stuff.

  25. Mirrordin is a great extension of the metaphor. Memnarch was tainted by phyrexian oil pretty much from the outset, ultimately leading to the creation of New Phyrexia. The problem was never Yawgmoth or Phyrexia itself. It's the idea of the thing, that poisons everything it touches.

  26. For a great breakdown of the melee weapons, check out another comment in this thread. There are definitely maps and missions where a melee fighter is valuable.

  27. Melta is good against anything heavier than 11 wounds. Which is a few things. Anything in Power Armor, plus a few other models here and there. Really good against Intercession, as the mortal wounds are unavoidable, assuming you can get close enough to shoot it.

  28. In the grim darkness of the far future, there is only waiting for Mistlands.

  29. At big sports events, there are shirts made for both teams winning. After the game, they sell the shirts for the winner, and the shirts for the losers are shipped overseas.

  30. Also, if we're going by Lazarus referencing other things, then the Commander is the second coming of Christ. Which'd explain a few things...

  31. But Lazarus was someone else entirely that Jesus raised from the dead. Wouldn't Bradford be Jesus in this scenario?

  32. For my kids' birthday gifts this year, we're painting their rooms after letting them pick the colors. My daughter is up first. Pray for me.

  33. Counter argument: Rage, Mad Max, and Borderlands are all great post apocalyptic games in which you can drive vehicles. The map just has to be designed a bit differently (FNV’s map for example would be mostly fine for vehicles).

  34. Vault dweller rolls in with a scooter.

  35. Scooty-Puff Jr. would be totally on-brand for Fallout.

  36. I'm in the Panhandle and it was 20°F on Monday. We routinely spend much of the winter near freezing, and are good for a few snow days. Not to mention that the Texas Panhandle is one of the windiest places in the Continental US, so the wind chill can be brutal.

  37. Buying a new sweater is cheaper than the increase in your gas bill.

  38. Mine is completely stock and it’s the best shooting pistol I own. I’m so hesitant to do anything to it

  39. Same. Mine is a range toy and I love it.

  40. If you need debt to finance a wedding, you have caviar tastes on a hamburger budget. It is always possible to celebrate on a lower budget. Poor people get married every day without access to debt.

  41. You can buy a lot of beer and wine for like $500 at a large liquor store. Hire a bartender. You just saved a ton on booze.

  42. Kegs are the answer. We had a keg at my wedding. Huge success, and it only cost a couple hundred bucks.

  43. I mean, sure, but how isnt healing part of the school thats all about controlling the powers over life and death. Abjuration I kinda see the argument being made but there is no reason whatsoever for it to be a more valid reason than Necromancy.

  44. I run it depending on context. Enemies will be aware that illusions can exist, but many intelligent ones may also realize or recognize lower level spells.

  45. That's what Arcana checks are for, to identify the spell being cast. Even intelligent enemies that know illusions exist don't necessarily have any reason so suspect a specific spell is an illusion. Wizards can do all kinds of crazy shit, and unless you know the actual spell there's nothing to differentiate between an illusory Wall of Fire from and actual one.

  46. In their natural habitats, sure. None of those are native to North America, however.

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