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  1. Anyone know when the sniper nerf is coming to pc?

  2. i've given it tons of chances, but the youtubers are right. The game is garbage, it's become a clusterfuck of shitty fetch quest missions, p2w mechanics, scummy business practices and Todd Howard having people by the balls to make such posts like this. fine if you like it. but it's quite scummy to advertise a game that should still be in development as this "under apprectiated game" and that "the reviews are wrong"

  3. lmao does anything work as intended in this game?

  4. litteraly, who in their right minds take what the verge says seriously. the entire site is a fucking joke lmao

  5. so you need a red rebel icepic that costs 2.5 mil, and a paracord just to use an extract?? damn thats one hell of an extract

  6. i'll take things that never happend for 300 Steve

  7. why hate on the dolch, that shit costs the same as a nitro

  8. Because the dolch is an easily handled killing machine in anyone’s hands and the nitro is a meme gun that can’t kill with a headshot at 80m.

  9. bruh if you cant kill someone with a headshot with a nitro, you should start loading it with bullets instead of tampons

  10. Now just get rid of the rest of the game and we’re good

  11. i have like 23 duffle bags, dont even use em. just keep em

  12. this game is a fucking joke at this point. this is some bethesda level shit

  13. it's fucking disgracefull that rockstar even released this mess. how does testing the game not seem like a good idea before releasing it

  14. my confidence, just fake it til you make it

  15. The Council shall decide your fate...

  16. you're out here communicating with them, while i get shot through walls unarmed

  17. thats like shooting yourself in the head to avoid millitary service

  18. Red dead redemtion 2 has sold about 26 Million

  19. wait, can you customize characters?

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