1. Was that not Carlos Condit you’re thinking of? I could be mistaken I just don’t recall Diaz landing a head kick

  2. lmfao did he say 'i think he's cutting weight too' when he was feeding the wallaby a leaf

  3. Would these areas be dog friendly or carry the same rules for dogs as the NPs?

  4. The Santa Monica mountains one is definitely dog friendly, sandstone peak

  5. TY. I was thinking because they’re not specifically NPs that maybe they were more friendly for dogs across the board

  6. The Rick and Morty - Jerry Smith - ‘Pluto is a planet’ would make a great meme template

  7. Keep it up, they’ve been great lately

  8. This sub has such low quality posts. 95% of stuff here is just recycled for like 5 months.

  9. Why do people act like Jiri is some fucking god and will run through hill? The dude is fun as fuck to watch but has negative defence, glover and reyes almost finished him multiple times. Jiri v Hill will be an absolute banger, but idk why people are acting like jiri is just gonna steamroll him

  10. Might as well start calling it Gojira

  11. It’s only cheating if you get caught

  12. Yeah so weird he didnt utilise it much during his last fights in the UFC.

  13. My guess is he must’ve had the fracture that precedes a Weidman or Silva incident. I think he threw one leg kick against Yan.

  14. Revives are just hair petting “shhh, it’s okay, it’s okay. Seeeee? There you go”

  15. That was great looks like DC got a kick out of it haha DC looking like a tank god damned

  16. Okay well here I was thinking they were extinct

  17. Wtf!? Kiwis were extinct!!! I remember watching a documentary where they mentioned it!

  18. Yeah I mean I read “extinct animal lays an egg” and I’m here trying to digest that now 😂

  19. I should get back on it but for a bit I was making smeagol fruit salads: berries, apples, carrots etc

  20. My god, they shed so much, I wouldn’t have guessed it 😳I’ll have to try salmon oil. Is that pretty much how you feed them for every meal?

  21. I haven’t taken mine to the snow yet. At what point do you put the snow boots on, immediately once they hit the snow? If it’s under 15 minutes, are they okay without boots?

  22. There are other apps like it. Like TooGoodToGo or Olio. Unfortunately none work in my area.

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