AITA for doing weird/awkward poses whenever my MIL "accidently" walks in on me in the bathroom?

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AITA for refusing to leave the room when my husband told me to?

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  1. And this ladies and gentleman is how you create sneaky children that will place you on an info diet for the rest of your lives.

  2. Who end up in abusive relationships. Literally every girl who wasn’t allowed to date in my hs dated an abusive guy because the good boys won’t break those rule the abusive ones know that a girl who can’t go to her parents is vulnerable,

  3. At first I thought that the bf did sound a little judgmental and exhausting but then OOP slipped the "slapping and spanking" right in there and that was like pure whiplash for me. I did not see it coming. How?

  4. So much this. I can’t get over how he basically allowed 45 minutes for dinner. It sounds like he expected his sister to walk in the door and just start eating. No time to change clothes or wash up from work, he’s got to get out of there by 7:00 sharp!

  5. The theme of thanksgiving posts this year in AITA seems to be “the daughter of a family with a son was given equal value at thanksgiving and I think that’s unfair.” Which I should expect but it never ceases to amaze me what some men (and their wives) think their sisters/SIL should have to give up to accommodate them

  6. Unpopular opinion but I do feel for OP in this situation. Thanksgiving has always been a major holiday in my family. It's not a formal dinner, very potluck/everybody helps, but thats what makes it great for me, and it's the one time a year we get to see some extended family that lives out of state, and I just love being with my family. My husband's relationship with his father is strained, so we tried to make dinner or dessert with them but it wasn't a big deal if we didn't. Then we had a kid. We are still LC with an info diet with them, but that boils down to them seeing our daughter basically only on major holidays and some birthdays, so we feel a bit guilty skipping a holiday with them. So we went from enjoying a full day with my happy welcoming family to just playing early morning football with them and sharing dinner with his awkward uncomfortable family. Was it great? By no means, but he felt really guilty if we missed a holiday with them so we made it work. It's been really hard for us, especially since for a few years the two houses were 2.5 hours apart, but I couldn't imagine going 2 years without seeing some of my family. This year was really great because we did my family dinner on Saturday instead. Not only were we there the whole time, but it was the best turnout we've had in years. For me the day is about gorging yourself on food with your family, so it doesn't really matter what day that happens.

  7. The daughter has an immovable conflict he doesn’t. He should have been the one to adjust

  8. He just died this year. God forbid SIL want to make a sentimental dish on her first thanksgiving without her father. Jfc.

  9. YTA - So you're saying you didn't have a rebellious teenage phase? It's a family picture. Not one family is this perfect little image that you are trying to force. In the future, anyone looking at that photo would have probably just said "yep, that's so-so", and moved on. But way to say "you're not welcome in the family!" to a 14yo just trying either A) be rebellious or B) express themselves.

  10. This is classic and frankly harmless edgy teen behavior I do not understand why OP got pissy about. It’s one of those embarrassing stories to tell at the kids wedding.

  11. Also saying just one at night is such a common phrase I’ve heard hospitals prepare for a heavy drinker when they ask about drinking habits and get that response so that’s also kind of a red flag

  12. Drinking nightly is also a guaranteed way to create a physical alcohol dependency. It’s not possible to prevent arcs certain point because that’s how physical addiction works.

  13. He’s free to do a shorter hike with her, too. While it would be nice for them to join the big hike, he can also take her on a shorter and much easier one.

  14. Oh I would bet a lot of money the gf was like “can we (meaning the two of them) skip the hike?” And he heard “ask for a shorter hike”

  15. Make sure it is EITHER incredibly realistic OR sparkly purple unicorn.

  16. Start cleaning it and say “oh sorry we wanted this clean for tonight”

  17. I would be cautious with how often you use the astringent of course but this routine seems to be working great for you.

  18. YTA. Phobias are a very real medical condition, no less real and no less serious than allergies. There's no reason you couldn't have taken another elevator. Were you obligated to do so? No. Was refusing to do so an asshole move? Yep, it was.

  19. I can’t with claiming that there is any such thing as discrimination against a dog.

  20. well I know but I thought healthy food is supposed to make skin even cleaner🥲

  21. Nope that’s mostly a myth. Obviously a balanced diet with the right consistent mix of protein, carbs, fruits, and veggies will help your whole body but diet doesn’t have a huge impact on skin

  22. "Emma and Istarted things when I was still with Willow. I wasn’t planning on leaving Willow, she was the one, but someone told her about Emma and Willow dumped me, refusing to try again. Emma did know about Willow and she wanted me to leave her from day one but I was very upfront that that wasn’t about to happen.

  23. Oh I read this and my first thought was “oh the incel troll is back”

  24. My best friend is a behemoth at 5'7 and has this absolutely unnatural, inhuman wheat skin tone. Despite her being such a freak of nature, I've always thought of her as cute, which I've expressed by calling her a gargantuan. I'm gorgeous, or at least I assume I am, and she's always been jealous of me, or at least I assume she has. All the insecurities she has stem solely from her jealousy, they have nothing to do with me. I always compliment her when she tries to look less abhorrent.

  25. Although as the 5’7” fat girl these are very real things you experience from women whose only personality trait is being small and cutesy. I can’t imagine any one like me ending up best friends with someone like that though.

  26. So no point, ok. Dead men tell no tales. Going to the dead man’s parents house while filling the dead man’s shoes has to feel very shorty. I’m ok if you cannot see that.

  27. He has already, he is in that role. She remarried. That’s how this works. He cannot be a dad from beyond the grave. Stepdad is the one that will lace up skates be there for the big moments.

  28. Yes he’s the stepdad not the new dad. That’s a massive difference. And yes the late father will still always be their father.

  29. NTA. As a fat person who is ardently opposed to fat camps 1) that is not a fat camp at all. 2) holy hell that kind of food trauma will be so hard for her to get past if you don’t stay involved. My weight gain came from ED recovery snap back (and a separate illness but that’s rare) and if someone had interfered with my trauma around food younger my metabolism wouldn’t be so broken. You are doing the right thing.

  30. Is this even real? What kind of a doctor makes a diagnosis and wants to prescribe medication after a few minutes? Maybe an imaginative one lol. This reads like rage bait.

  31. An alarming number and none are pediatric psychiatrists who are supposed to be required to start a kid on stimulants

  32. I think a big art piece that can carefully incorporate some of the lines while hiding them would be cool.

  33. Yeah. I hoped that this would be from the perspective of the black parent saying this because of the additional racism (such as the wife is generally facing) but it got so gross so fast

  34. Really? “Just like your mother.” Was the only way you could express that thought? “Your mother didn’t want one either at your age, but she got you and she adores you”. If you were going to open your mouth at all it should have been closer to that. Really though you should have kept your mouth shut, no child wants to hear they weren’t wanted. YTA

  35. Yeah the vibe I’m getting from this is that as a bisexual woman I am not allowed close friendships with anyone.

  36. You are, but if your partner doesn’t feel like the #1 friend there’s going to be problems.

  37. I feel like that’s a very toxic millennial thing. All of the successful long term couples I know have best friends and partners as two separate people and it works because you aren’t leaning on just one person for deep emotional support needs. My partner and my best friend get along wonderfully so it’s easier but it’s healthier for me that it’s too people.

  38. No! No. So damaging and unnecessary. If a product tingles or burns that’s bad and I’m annoyed how with this it’s treated like that’s a positive.

  39. A lot is dermatologists have written about this but it’s really part of the chronic over exfoliation skincare trends have promoted.

  40. Yep, I'm autistic as well. Constant touching, foods that have weird textures, and loud grating noises can cause me to have meltdowns, insults from my siblings get returned.

  41. My dad is also autistic (he doesn’t know this but we’ll tell him someday) and honestly autistic zingers are top tier. We can both roast anyone in five words or less.

  42. I like how you just aren't telling your dad really vital information and just roll with it. Also same with my dad and ahdh, I have it definitely from him...

  43. It’s hard to find the right moment to totally shift someone’s understanding of themselves and their thinking haha

  44. If they sold it and spent it all on themselves, that's alright for me.

  45. For what it’s worth as someone who just went through probate court you will be thanking your parents later when your brother has no reason to sue you for inheritance.

  46. I'd say this rule is perfectly logical. The toy belongs to the cat. The cat was actively using the toy as a pillow. We don't get to take things others are actively using just because we want them.

  47. It’s not logical. It’s a childrens toy. Not a cat toy. An 8 year old is not going to understand the logic of giving a cat a toy for kids. Again, I’m just saying she’s not acting out of the norm for an 8 year old the parents just aren’t teaching. But this sub is generally very confused about child development.

  48. Jill was told no. Then took the toy when no one was looking. She needs to learn that if she’s a guest in some one’s house and they tell you to leave said item alone, then you leave the bloody thing alone. This is very logical as if you’re at school then you can’t take someone else’s item if you’re told no. Otherwise that child becomes a spoiled brat!

  49. I’m not arguing she needs to learn but y’all are very confused about children and why just telling them no is ineffective and doesn’t work

  50. Not everyone excels in college. She could take the money, go to college and leave with an expensive art degree and still be exactly where she started.

  51. As a someone with an arts degree who worked in the arts and then left for corporate that’s still massive leg up. Really most jobs just care that you do have a degree. It’s absolutely a myth that some degrees don’t help.

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