1. People never want to try the obvious stuff first

  2. I always say, ‘play through and I promise not to watch!’. Plot twist…. I always watch!

  3. Are you sure the person actually worked there? That’s a heavy accusation and you don’t want to get hit with a civil lawsuit. I’ve been going for year to Academy and I have never had a bad experience with a bouncer or seen anything sketchy

  4. What fucking lawyer is going to take that case?? Dumbest shit I’ve seen on Reddit.

  5. They have only been two people more famous than him in the last 30 years . One died this month, the queen, and the other was princess diana. You don’t understand how famous he was I tilt ou understand that people with one shared tv on third world country where they don’t listen to English music still knew who Michale Jackson was

  6. Michael Jordan is the only person that was on the same level

  7. I’m a vet and you can bet that I can dance underwater and not get wet

  8. It's a path to take if you plan on going to law school. Otherwise not a good idea for unrelated fields

  9. No, a clear cut would be the whole hillside cut down. This is a newer advanced environmental practice that allows wildlife to exist in areas of forestry

  10. Do you know approximately how big each parcel is?

  11. Lets be clear about something about probably all big firms. They rarely ever go to court and settle. They are settlers because its easy money for them and going to court makes more money, but it costs them more time.

  12. Just to clarify for others who may be reading this, you don’t “go to court and settle.” I think what you mean is going to trial and winning a jury award.

  13. Yes that's right. I forgot yo mention that in some circumstances if the other side makes you an offer before trial that you refuse to take, you very well could be on the hook for the defendant's attorneys' fees and costs even if you win if you fail to get awarded more than their pre-trial offer.

  14. Ever since the pandemic shutdown Mulholland has been extremely crowded with people on the overlooks. Never seen anything like it in 35 years. They all look like Riverside people who got chased out of OC

  15. Hitting a ton of home runs for the dodgers tho

  16. "Take your Fancy Close and your Black Seelk Anderwearse and go back tu Disssny land"

  17. I was on the plane over to Maui with Big Game. Just a stone cold player even to this day

  18. Ah, the 90s. When we used women as sexual objects in pretty much every advertisement and medium known to man. See Auto shows, Video game “booth babes”, etc.

  19. Nah you’re just being an asshole and then playing dumb. Just own it and move on

  20. my only Rolex that I have, I bought it from Chrono24. Reading this subreddit, I realized that I want to have this experience, and applied for a GMT and a Sub. Today I did some more research and it got me more depressed. I was naive thinking that it will be a few weeks or a few month wait. I really had no idea that it is that bad since I have always focused on other watch brands.Since I am getting married, I will have to keep stopping by at the AD's place a few more times, and I will leave there some, maybe, $10k in total within next 4 months. Will that help me? I surely do not plant to waste more money just to get a Rolex there. They asked me, what do I do, where do I work? I mean, my job and company is pretty average. Should I even wait? I am not sure how they profile potential buyers, do they try to make sure that their clients will not flip those watches the next day to someone else? Or what's the philosophy there? I chose basic models that I can afford, and AD-Jewelry store has seen me with other watches that cost even more than that Sub or GMT, but will that help? I surely do not plan to sell them in the next 5-10 years for sure, I want to wear them myself.I am just thinking loud here, like I said, after doing some research today, it got me pretty pessimistic.

  21. Buying other useless shit won’t work with most of these scum sales ppl. Unless they offer you the Rolex at the same time you’re buying whatever garbage then they’re just playing you

  22. Jenny is one of my favs. She seems to be real

  23. You can pretty much do any drug via needle. Just not necessarily safely.

  24. Apparently meth addicts have found solace in each other’s company online and will have smoke sessions on zoom

  25. Shaq ripping on someone for not training hard, skating on talent and physical gifts... is sort of ironic, considering kobe had said that of him.

  26. Shaq was very much about culture and creating a strong group of teammates. Part of the problem with Kobe is that Shaq wanted to be at the head of everything and put Kobe in the out group ( Tbf Kobe was a weirdo socially to most other guys because he only wanted to hoop).

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