1. The NDP doesn't own the progressive vote, they're not entitled to it.

  2. The Liberals have a habit of using ‘Back to Work’ legislation. It’s an affront to democracy and charter rights. Would you call that progressive?

  3. She said it came in through the form on her website. You could easily punch in a false name.

  4. Coun Troster would be threatened for speaking the time, by hateful misogynist antisemites who are mad that we're making them skip all the way to their final form.

  5. I wouldn’t be surprised if she gets the most hatemail of any councillor, between being a Jewish lesbian woman, and being one of the most left wing councillors.

  6. Ottawa Police have already begun issuing trespass notices to problematic individuals that frequent the park.

  7. What happens if they don't really have money or quickly waste it as soon as they get it?

  8. Late response, but you can apply to seize personal property held by the debtor, to be sold to pay the debt

  9. Considering all the other stuff the city spends money on, this is nothing. Can’t exactly shake the “city fun forgot” reputation without stuff like this

  10. This guy said it's important for industry, like the taxi industry. If that's the best he's got, this is a bad idea.

  11. Councillor Desroches is on his own here, the other councillor whose ward is involved, Riley Brockington isn’t keen on it; neither is many of the urban core councillors like Leiper, Menard, and Troster. I don’t think it will happen, especially if Brockington can rally some of the more right-wing councillors against it on the basis of cost

  12. That's cute that you think conservatives care about the cost of roads. The need for "freedom" seems to override cost when it comes to roads, road widening, sprawl, etc.

  13. I don’t think Conservatives are going to ever opposed cars. I do think that sometimes the constant conservative desire for austerity makes cutting unpopular projects attractive. It’s an interesting contradiction really, conservatives want to cut spending as much as possible, but also want to do incredibly expensive things like more roads and more sprawl.

  14. We should be calling each of these councillors and ask them to explain their thought process. I already phoned Kitts and left a voicemail. I imagine most of these soulless, husks of human flesh won’t have the courage to answer their phones.

  15. I hope you know that councillors don’t answer the office phone, staffers do. Arguing with a random staffer isn’t going to fix this

  16. You know, I have talked to Cathy Curry on the phone. And email back and forth. Luloff and I had a looooong Facebook messenger chat once. I have tweet exchanged with several councillors. Leiper called me once (out of the blue) when he heard the cops had been called on me for mental health reasons. He just wanted to make sure I was okay.

  17. I’m not a staffer, I do work out of city hall though (although only rarely in contact with councillors). I’m glad to hear that you’ve had a good experience getting a hold of councillors. To my knowledge a lot of them flip things to their staffers. Certainly councillors have a reputation for being hard to talk to. I can’t and won’t disclose anything that could doxx me irl.

  18. Horizon really lives rent free in your head, doesn’t it?

  19. Actually this is the first time I've really made any comment about them.

  20. Maybe I have you confused with someone else. There’s about a half dozen users who pretty much only come into

  21. When people say stuff like "I was cleared 1,000%" you know they're probably a disingenuous person who is lying about or hiding something.

  22. My guess is that he misrepresented the event to the integrity commissioner

  23. The integrity commissioner needs to have the wherewithal to know when he’s being played.

  24. To an extent. I work in the same building as the integrity commissioner for the city of Ottawa. Every now and then a councillor inquires if something is ethical or not, but doesn’t give the necessary contextual info.

  25. What part of town does Sutcliffe live in anyway? Very much reads like a guy who's never downtown. So indicative of the car-centric thinking that got us into this woa-is-me downtown is empty situation. Downtown is fine. If you live in the burbs, just don't come here and leave us alone. Thanks.

  26. He lives in Kitchissippi Ward; which he lost in the mayoral election and whose current councillor is Jeff Leiper

  27. A few points that seem to be missed by people just reading the headline and choosing not to read the article before reacting:

  28. While I don’t like RTG, there’s also the fact that the City would struggle to work with them if they are actively suing each other. An adversarial relationship runs counter to the functioning of the LRT

  29. It's too bad we don't still have Manconi and Kannellakos (sp?) who would have negotiated a better deal for the city, its taxpayers and transit riders. /s

  30. Someone leaked that inquiry to Kannellakos, he quit before it was even published

  31. No emergency here. Just checked two sinks and the toilet made sure the water ran and toilets flushed. They didn’t even do their typical “Ottawa housing!” While knocking like some do.

  32. Talk to your building manager; they’re there to help. I can’t guarantee that they’re all great, but they shouldn’t be upset at you for reaching out.

  33. Here’s a link to the schedule, so you can see when your councillor is hosting theirs:

  34. Do they take those kinds of emails seriously if they aren’t in mass numbers?

  35. Yes and no. Virtually every email you send to your councillor is going to be filtered through their staff. If you don’t have a specific question or request, you’ll usually get a basic response, but that doesn’t mean that the councillor doesn’t care (although maybe they won’t), just that the deluge of emails a typically councillor’s office gets requires them to prioritize.

  36. The top of the image says Florida Legislature, so it makes sense. I work in my municipalities city hall building and while it was never formalized, there is a certain level of dress that is expected. You can get away with less if you aren’t public-facing like IT, but most people had to at least put on a nice shirt and slacks

  37. I hope you’re joking; politicians are supposed to be activists. It’s not exactly surprising coming from a councillor who has such an activist background.

  38. I knew which councillor it was before clicking. Wasn’t wrong

  39. To be fair, I wouldn’t have been surprised if it was Shawn Menard either

  40. The comments are negative because the OPS is asking for more money while asking other services to take cuts. Austerity for everyone but themselves

  41. -Bringing maintenance in-house instead of contracting it out

  42. All good ideas, I think it’s important to note that the bulk of city council adamantly refuses to use OC Transpo even during that week where they “challenge themselves” to only use it. People ultimately in charge of the decisions around transit are so far removed from it that they only view it as numbers on a spreadsheet and news headlines. More consideration needs to come from those who actually run it and use it

  43. I’m a pessimist, but I hope that the citizen advisory committee can help fill that role. I’m also sympathetic to some of the new city councillors, who seem like they care, even if they’re a minority. Many of the councillors aren’t actually at city hall every day, or even most days, so the transit challenge piece can be messy

  44. That would be a great way to make extra money, but sadly I work as a machinist, not really an option for me, but I can see what “work from your phone jobs” exist I could do while working the night shift. You’ve got some gears turning in my head, thanks!

  45. I have a friend that works an office job. He also works concessions at the Sens games (which never fall 9-5) and delivers pizza on 1-3 evenings/weekends a week. I have no idea how he does it mental health wise, it’s not for everyone

  46. Yes, I expect maintenance issues will escalate. Two big ifs:

  47. I don’t think city council has even thought about those two important questions.

  48. They have absolutely thought about the maintenance contract; IIRC Councillor Devine already brought it up

  49. Waitlists for subsidized housing are literally years long.

  50. IIRC it’s about 5-9 years. There is priority status for people in the shelter system, but it’s still probably a few years for them too

  51. Ford is offering developers a massive subsidy at the expense of municipalities. Some have had to make massive property tax increases to plug the holes Ford put in their budgets

  52. Taxing existing housing is a better idea than taxing new housing.

  53. We have to tax new housing in some form, if only to encourage density. Developer fees can be leveraged to prevent mass sprawl, which causes the costs of municipal services to skyrocket

  54. As someone who used to live in Winnipeg where they basically NEVER collected snow, and only seemed to plow twice a year, Ottawa always seems to me to be super on top of snow plowing and removal.

  55. Doesn’t stop people from complaining about it anyways

  56. Oh that's a good distinction. You're right. They can. And the city certainly can fund social services more than they do.

  57. I hate to let you down, but the mayor’s budget direction says no

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