1. Drawing something you like cakes it easy😌🤌

  2. When one cant eat cake, one can at least draw cake😌

  3. It will keep getting longer and then open into a flower. These flowers can sometimes be as big as the cactus.

  4. Oh wow, thank you! I was hoping it would become a flower, but since its been around for a while i started to worry it was a weird parasitic growth of something somehow😅😅

  5. The leafy plants are varieties of hostas

  6. Wow! Your babies are so nice and plump? How long did it take for them to look like the 6th photo? Mine grow a small pup then the growth slows considerably.

  7. Those are quite a bit older! I put them in that basket last November, but I think all in all theyre almost a year old now🤔 they grow very compactly in that one

  8. If you want to make it easier on yourself to keep these alive, the beginner basics has good info on soil and watering. Basically you need lots of direct sun, a hole/holes in the pot, gritty soil, and you should only water on signs of thirst with the plants that show them

  9. Thank you! Ive learned a lot since I first got the mother plant of all these haha.. Things are still not perfect, Im currently saving up for growth lights and better soil like perlite etc, but so far theyve been doing well🙏

  10. Well the thing with crushes is that a large part of it is the idealising of the idea of a person. What helped for me in the past to get rid of a crush is to hyperfocus on the irl flaws of such a person, and consciously telling yourself why you wouldnt be good with her/why you dont want to be in a relationship. Creating a slight disgust is sometimes necessary to maintain the boundary for later friendships.

  11. Can you explain what you meant about "to get rid of a crush is to hyperfocus on the irl flaws of such a person" if you don't mind plz.

  12. Well real people aren't perfect. Theres always some aspects about their looks/behaviours that don't fit our ideal/preference.

  13. It almost doesnt look real, like some kind of lego flower🤔

  14. So in the beginning this calathea was getting browning leaves, so I overwatered it causing a fungus to grow on the top of the soil.

  15. I've been reading the comments on this post and you're getting some conflicting advice. I have successfully brought cqlathea back from nothing and here's what worked for me...

  16. Yeah im still not quite sure what to do, but i think humidity is an issue for sure... Maybe i need a mini greenhouse for it haha😅 For now I sprayed it and gave some extra water, and ill try to make a better setup for it this weekend👀 The pond water primer and mosquito bit sound amazing, ill look into that!😍 Thank you for the advice!

  17. Maybe try to actively pause yourself for a few seconds when you want to say something, thatll give your brain the time to review a bit more

  18. I think you noticing men do it more is probably because of the preferential treatment attractive women (usually those fitting western ideals of beauty) are treated, and the disparity between them and their “less-attractive” or overweight peers. I think this is what the above commenter meant. Obviously some men do get preferential treatment and some are often ignored, but the baseline is much lower overall anyways. Men aren’t usually given cars and clothes just for being attractive. Maybe they get a free coffee or a drink at a bar lol.

  19. Im not talking about the dating scene or extremes like 'getting free cars or drinks', i mean just normal life situations and for example in a professional work environment. The current dating scene im not really familiar with, but from what ive heard i can be happy about that.

  20. I thought we were talking about attractiveness? Kind of unrelated to bring up stereotypical sexist jokes which are heavily looked down upon and almost non-existent in mainstream media and culture, when we discussing who treats unattractive people worse.

  21. Its more about when attractiveness starts to be used as an excuse to be sexist or misogynistic. Or when only people (women) deemed attractive enough are treated humanely by some men. The non-attractive people however will be subject to those stereotypical jokes etc (which im sorry, are definitely still present, and theres others even when I used the most typical example, doesn't take away my point), will be talked over, will be ignored, will be treated as less.

  22. Columbine aquilegia, they come in various colours and if you have multiple they also cross-mix the colours and patterns which is very fun

  23. Thank you!😊 I painted those myself haha

  24. So long they dont grow high and not wide, its fine

  25. Ill be sure to keep an eye on them 👀👀

  26. Nooooo and its also freggin ugly😭😭

  27. Oh what an adorable little house! Roses for sure!

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