1. Will be available from the Contingency Contract store

  2. She will eventually, it's just too early at this point.

  3. Do we know when the next joint drops for EN? really want the pink catto.

  4. Did CN get Passenger, Bagpipe, Megallan and Carnelian like we did? I started playing recently and im not sure how this goes

  5. Joint Operations banner remain the same regardless of server.

  6. Celebrating 30th anniversary of Ultraman Powered, the Ultra Replica Flash Prism will be priced at 9,900 Yen and release on August 2023.

  7. Max became Kaito? Never seen X before

  8. Max and Kaito separated at the end of his own show and he did use Kaito as a human form in the episode he appeared in.

  9. If there's ever been a better argument that limited banners should be reran, it was this month. Like bro we went an entire month without a new character banner, they could of at least given people a second chance at Chalter.

  10. Limited banners don't rerun with the exception of Nian's as her banner predated the spark system we have nowadays.

  11. Im aware. Im saying they should though, especially in cases like this where we have a whole ass month without a new character banner. Like what's the worst that'll happen, the drop in revenue is offset somewhat?

  12. CN would riot if we got a rerun of her banner since they didn’t either.

  13. (Only realized now that I misspelled “revenue” in the title)

  14. Okay, so she's the welfare, right? And Greyy is on the banner? I ask because usually the welfare gets first reveal and this time Greyy was first.

  15. Featuring the Terra Research Commission, Noir Corne, and Yato

  16. On CN? Two days from now. On Global? About 7 to 8 months by my estimates.

  17. (Reposted because I missed the most important part somehow…)

  18. So, is this event two weeks or three weeks long?

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