1. Momoi since she shares a voice actress with Swire

  2. Featuring SilverAsh, Gnosis, Pramanix, Ratatos, and Arctosz

  3. Got Australian based skins but no Aussie ships 🥹

  4. Shropshire was transferred to the Royal Australian Navy if that counts.

  5. Where does Royal Fortune even go in a fleet? I can't find where she goes.

  6. Wrong Fortune, also she goes in the submarine fleet.

  7. That is a new form? Space Corona Decker? The kaiju on the right look pretty cool.

  8. A Tsuburaya Imagination original, Ultraman Decker Finale: Journey to Beyond will be released on February 23rd, 2023.

  9. The movie will be titled “Ultraman Decker: Journey to Beyond”

  10. Featuring the "A Light Spark in Darkness" cast (from left to right: Skyfire, Quercus, Goldenglow, Haze, and Grani).

  11. Where did you get the pictures of Kala, Patricia and Serri? I'm looking for the other three and I can't find them. I really want Klaudia's!

  12. Priced at 7,500 Yen before taxes, releases April 2023

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