1. The equivalent of throwing a Can full of beans(with a big knife taped to it) at someone over and over until they die

  2. I don’t know if this counts as unpopular but I don’t understand why so many people are butthurt about people playing “honorably”(whatever that word encompasses varies from complaint to complaint) like, if you see a 1v1 in dominion you can just, join- Yeah I get that it can be frustrating when your teammates don’t help you but I much rather die fighting than have a god damn orochi storm rush and steal my hard earned kills

  3. Real ogs remember that Vikings won every faction war but knights won every single faction challenge for like two years straight

  4. Yes all dodge heavies except feintable ones are light parries now

  5. Probably gonna explain why the arm that came outta his egg looks nothing like him

  6. Well its a high skill defending everything...but ur right, having a god defense doesnt make fun, but u could trick them with feinting?

  7. Yeah that’s true, but what peeves me isn’t so much their defense, more so the fact the only attacks they throw out are ones with confirmed damage, like yeah I can fight a shugoki just fine but I’ll get annoyed if they only wall splat into bear hug me but high defense isn’t that annoying because of what you said, as well as a well timed guard break

  8. Yes, isnt that somehow going to the category of light spamming?(i mean also) like like light light, than bash atk, wall splat...

  9. I guess, well at least lights can be blocked and or parried

  10. Raging wolf Fingerprint Carian Knight Banished Knight Vagabond knight Regular knight Black knife Radhan Tree sentinel Maliketh Nights cavalry Golden mask Godfrey’s All knowing Ensha’s set GOD SKIN CHUNGUS I’m probably missing some but I like those, crucible knight is really good but I like the tree version a little more

  11. Thank you very much, you’ve just solved a very long query of mine

  12. Probably something to do with denji’s identity as chainsaw man being revealed

  13. This is like rock paper scissors but radhan is the rock and Granasax is the Estwing Rock Pick Hammer with Nylon Grip

  14. Same, they should bring minion killing animations even if just for arcade

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