AITA for the advice I gave my younger stepsister, after she was outed against her will at school?

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  1. YTA your stealing their dog. Should they have gotten in chipped absolutely but its still their dog

  2. I think because of his character growth, he was the typical jock but he has no family relationship. His folks don't seem to give a crap but he's grown a lot since season 1

  3. YTA have you considered taking her to a doctor to find out if there is a reason?

  4. NTA she called a black man a monkey. How's that not racist

  5. NTA don't want people touching ur clothes, set an alarm and be back b4 the dryer ends not half an hour later

  6. NTA she asked your opinion on her appearance for an interview I used to have galaxy hair it's a bitch to maintain the multicoloured hair but I'd dye it brown or something just for the interview

  7. NTA mum needs to get a grip and back her child and not her homophobic husband

  8. NTA, my pet peeve, if someone says, "Be teary for x time be ready they are doing tou a favour by picking you up

  9. NTA they should train their dogs not to bark at everything rhat moves or bring them inside

  10. YTA, so for your big day celebrating your love, you decided to mock your younger relatives' wedding choices? Jeez I wonder why they think your a hole

  11. YTA I couldn't imagine taking their money n not having their names on the invites

  12. YTA she has every right to set a dress code, and you have every right not to attend

  13. YTA maybe when meeting her whole family for the first time at someone else's wedding it isn't the tike for a prank....

  14. I wear a synthetic lace front wig it doesn't have that shine that cheap fancy dress wigs have

  15. NTA who turns a couples holiday into a girls trip I'd be honest when you speak and explain you tried to organise a romantic couples get away but it was turned into a girls trip that you were third wheeling

  16. 16 upwards I'd allow but 15 is definitely classed a child

  17. YTA, you are either her friend for who she is or your ashamed of her. If you're actually her friend, then you don't tell her how to dress or what to talk about

  18. YTA, she's telling you what she wants in your relationship, and you jealously shit on her. Hopefully, she realises, and you will have no problems, you'll be single

  19. YTA you made into something it isn't maybe she has night terrors sometimes? But you automatically jump to the sexual side

  20. He said short everything, not shorts. If it was just shorts then there would be no issue, I assume. If she says straight out "No I like what I wear" then that's fine I personally wouldn't push it. But I see his point if it's Really short shorts(just an example) and tiny tops at a food or drinks with company, even if it's in your own home.

  21. YTA she's wearing clothes in her own house maybe look into why your insecure

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