1. He had Starfleets blessing for that mission.

  2. So a generation that lived through a depression didn't do anything to stop a second depression and then blame the new generation that has had barely any control over anything? Yea sounds about right

  3. They did. The generation after them (which likes taking credit for their parents accomplishments) did absolutely nothing...and tore down most of the work that their parents did to prevent it.

  4. Well TECHNICALLY, if everyone was paid $7 per hour things would get cheaper but only after the economic collapse that followed

  5. We've been in a slow motion economic collapse for about 20 years now and things have only gotten way more expensive.

  6. The fact that the Illyrians ended up dooming themselves in an attempt to fit in and join the Federation seems very fitting.

  7. Her most badass scene isn't this, but it's second place. Her most badass scene is:

  8. I strongly disagree. Like to the point where it kind of annoys me how much hype that scene gets.

  9. The USFL has 2 OTA broadcast partners to the XFL's 1.

  10. A Caesarean Section is a third trimester abortion.

  11. Somehow we've gone from this to Tucker Carlson.

  12. Last thing you see before being nibbled to death.

  13. When something is so fucked up that you agree with Ben "unload my nine in the welfare line" Garrison.

  14. Huh. Guess he's taking a break from drawing Trump as a disturbingly fit Adonis.

  15. and drawing people he disagrees with as thicc as he can.

  16. If we don't see the Gorn sometime during the series, I will be disappointed.

  17. 20 episodes would mean that bottle episodes come back.

  18. TIL you can fail at journaling lol. I sometimes end up writing just a single unfinished sentence, and to me that just shows in what state my mind is. There are no rules to journaling unless you make them. Be gentle with yourself. :)

  19. I've been on about 2 weeks of "I've got nothing today, lol."

  20. I want to be an NFL coach or player just so I can retire and be a sports pundit.

  21. Just wait until he wins comeback player of the year.

  22. Streamable may be too soft to keep it, but it lives on in all our hearts.

  23. Finally that's settled, now what is that at the start of Alien Shore.

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