1. Yes, I know about it. But haven't been able to find that one with English subs either.

  2. Charli 2Na from the group Jurassic 5 has a pretty deep voice. He also has solo work and has done collaborations.

  3. Linkin Park- FRGT 10 Ft. Alchemist, Chali 2na

  4. Pretty sure that's the guy, only need to find the song now. Thanks

  5. Nah, most people don't. Most people see how Jerry behaved, and comprehend how anyone can see guilt for three teenage boys that were set up.

  6. Most people are not aware that Deanna Holcomb(Echols's ex) already 1992 started to alert people that Echols had voiced a plan to kill children. She later confirmed this in police interviews as well which you can see on the Callahan site. Another thing most people don't know is that Jessie Misskelley behaved extremely strangely the day after the murders. He showed up at his friend Buddy Lucas's on may the 6th. 1993 and INSISTED that Lucas should be the new owner of his muddy Addidas tennis shoes. That's an extremely strange thing to insist on. And one hell of a timing. And these are just two facts people should be aware of. If they were aware of all of what we know, they would of course like any rational human see that the likelihood of guilt is very high.

  7. Pretoria, South Africa closely followed by:

  8. Are you aware that it is common for people to lie and make stuff up when they are under scrutiny? Do you understand the definition of "massively?. I try to keep up on the news as much as is possible. If it was being "massively spread", Id have heard about it. Probably. Unless it was something I dont care about. Like misgendered Norwegians.

  9. I am aware that people lie about this. I probably shouldn't use the word massively in the context of the U.S, but it has been very widely spread(Leading to protests in at least one country), And when the guy with the biggest Podcast in the world spreads it, it feels somehow like every western adult at least knows a person who has been fed this. Obviously not true, but.

  10. In Alberta we frequently moan and gripe that we're not more like Norway, because our corrupt politicians squandered our oil money, whereas their corrupt politicians created an impressive sovereign wealth fund.

  11. Even if this news story had been real, that's one hell of a leap sir.

  12. Yes, you most likely have to imagine it as it most likely didn't happen. that feminist very likely lied about the reason why she was reported. The documents will soon be public and according to the person that did the reporting those statements and tweets are not even mentioned.

  13. It definitely has its problems, but Numbeo can give u a "feel" on how safe, expensive, and even polluted many cities in your country or around the world is. you can also compare cities. you can also do a lot of "fun" research.

  14. My Norwegian grandfather(84) says that when helping out one of his grandchildren.

  15. Well, at least you are not a monarchy-fluffer.

  16. Marzipan is what comes to mind right now. But I struggle to come up with a clear number 1 when it comes to something that could be eaten for dinner.

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