Hidden rules among social classes

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  1. Basically any time someone posts about a ship that’s not straight there are a bunch of people who comment how the characters are straight and throw slurs at the OP

  2. Why is there another one of these every 2 weeks like guys he’s a made-up character in an anime where 14yr olds train to become hero’s with crazy powers, chill

  3. Fizzarolli walks in and starts dissing Blitzo for his shitty rope-tying skills.

  4. I have 0% rejection rates! I have asked out one(1) person who I knew already liked me

  5. I don’t really notice when I have a crush, but I’ll try. I’m bisexual and I think some sort of demi but idk rn. Basically it’s wanting to spend a bunch of time with them and wanting to do nothing but hold their hand and be close to them, but also wanting to be away just in case you mess up or say something that causes them to be upset.

  6. Flour tortillas and corn tortillas are both valid, as long as you remember to use plenty of fat. it's not the flour that's making it dry, it's the lack of lard/shortening/coconut oil (if you're vegan)

  7. I love corn tortillas but I usually use recipes where flour tortillas are the only things that won’t fall apart on me

  8. I know my friend in Unity it's so hard dealing with these independants. Sending positive vibes through Our shared consciousness.

  9. I’m always so surprised when wouldn’t’ve or something isn’t in the English language like have you seen this shit

  10. I thought this before figuring out that I’m bi and my gf telling me no, some people just don’t find multiple genders attractive

  11. This is me but reversed - she ain’t allowed depression it is not invited over for dinner

  12. Voting Momo only bc I’ve never seen a fic with her as the One for All holder. Kiri may be winning but there’s a bunch of fics with him (also I like to think OfA gets passed to a girl in honor of Nana)

  13. Is it bad that when I see Link I always think of him as Twink? (Sorry if the name’s wrong, I only know him as Twink) (the one to the far right)

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