1. I've taken the official quiz 3 times and got, in order, Ravenclaw, Slytherin, then Gryffindor. The house sorting has always been a big thing I found ridiculous.

  2. Reminder that you might want to wait to start until the expected dueling event starts, especially if you’ve been stacking energy, so you can earn tickets too

  3. Thanks for that! I usually forget jejeje.

  4. Ken knows a lot of facts and Ken says a matter-of-factly that pineapple on pizza *is* delicious!

  5. I've always found the pineapple on pizza "debate" odd. There are a lot of things others like on pizza that I don't but I don't then tell them they don't belong on pizza jejeje.

  6. Sadly no, just the nice sigh of relief once that trek is over jejeje.

  7. I just did some quick maths from numbers on The Jeopardy Fan's site and came up with these averages:

  8. Wow great match and great close finals! Congrats, Amy! I'm so glad you won!

  9. It's 1:16 PM Eastern time as I'm typing this. Usually this recap thread is posted at 1:30 PM Eastern.

  10. I've noticed it's been going up earlier for a few weeks now. I watch it here in Houston at 11:30 Central time and there may be other locations that's that early as well so they're just getting the post up soon after it first airs instead of waiting that extra 30 minutes.

  11. 1:00 PM Eastern is the earliest one can watch Jeopardy using the Paramount+ trick.

  12. Yes, it's either that or they just get the info from someone who does live in one of those earliest airing cities. I like having it air so early here in Houston as I can take an early lunch and watch hehe.

  13. Wow, great match. The final is going to be fun to watch.

  14. Oh no did peacock crash for anyone else??

  15. Wow great match! Congrats, Rowan and good luck in the ToC!

  16. I thought Godric’s Hollow was fairly new so I was just sharing it for others. Didn’t realize GH was open for longer I just didn’t know

  17. Ahh! Yes, it's been around for a while now hehe. I thought maybe there was something else you were pointing out :-)

  18. Great first day for Rowan! They're so fun to watch and I hope they win tomorrow.

  19. Thanks for the reminder to wait an hour or so! I probably would have started right now hehe.

  20. Great match and was rooting for Rowan so glad they won. Their fun energy is fun to watch!

  21. Where do we even look for the number of achievements? lol. I assume I'm well over 21 but for some reason can't find anywhere with a number jejeje.

  22. It's been posted several times so it does seem to be a common issue.

  23. Yes, it's not a big deal. It might be difficult to search for if they merely post the pic and don't really write anything specific that you'd search for hehe.

  24. The niffler always returns right away but it take about 7 1/2 hours for the energy to be available again.

  25. Not looking forward to it! I was surprised how quickly I did actually find the butterbeer cauldron but I don't remember how I got there at all 😂

  26. Yes, I got lucky and found the dancing skeleton in time too but not sure how hehe. Good thing Taltos has that nice map now!

  27. Oh thank you! I got notification in the game like a half hour ago to look for pumpkin clues on social media but there is none, so I got confused.

  28. It was a reminder to look for all 4 but it was initially confusing to me too.

  29. Jokes on you its madam hooches memories of your quidditch matches

  30. Joke's on you, I already finished the new Quidditch chapter so I know it has nothing to do with that post ;-)

  31. Yeah. The game notification though says new quidditch chapter. And last week was just a creature release.

  32. Yes, I saw that in game notification. It was just odd to see the fb post and they normally do new Quidditch on Wednesdays which made it even odder hehe.

  33. lol Yes, I'm all caught up with everything and don't always play the events so I stack in between new story chapters, quidditch, tlsqs, etc. :-)

  34. If it makes you feel any better I'm now down to about 450 after doing the new Quidditch chapter that came out today lol

  35. Wowzers what a great match! I was on pins and needles and almost fell out of my chair on Cris's 11k wager! Great win for him again and I hope he keeps going. I hope Mike gets a chance at a second chance tournament too!

  36. Oh good, that's where today's is. Did you get yesterday's?

  37. I was able to collect yesterday’s just now! It’s in the Great Hall, click “Explore” - 20 energy

  38. Yes, I got it yesterday. Your post seemed to imply to me that you were surprised to see a gift pumpkin so I just wanted to make sure you got yesterday's too. :-)

  39. It's similar for me when someone writes "everytime" as one word. ;-)

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