1. Hard roam are usually top of leaderborders for either the highest kills/lowest deaths or highest kills/highest deaths in the match , coming from a hard roaming mix with light roam player depending on who I'm playing against and the map

  2. This is better than the main menu UI imo, everything is right infront of you lol

  3. I feel like the operators that were behind the paywall should have been the ones you get after completing the game since ya know.... they were in the story, you played as them at some point...

  4. Damn if they actually had a poll for this, I'd be sol and wouldn't be able to play with my friends on pa5 😔

  5. yeah best practice is just play the game and learn it and honestly watch really good players like Baranox and MPControlWard or really and of the rA guys

  6. I used to watch a lot of shroud before I got my pc about 2 years ago. My snaps are good but my tracking is ass lol

  7. yeah just keep at it you will get there if you play for the goal of getting insane aim

  8. Yeah like itztimmy. Man wanted to be like shroud so bad. His aim is crazy

  9. Get out of your comfort zone and try a different play style. For more than a day. If it aint working, doesn't mean that it's not for you. Just means you haven't mastered it.

  10. I had issue with battle.net when the beta was out. Downloaded it on steam and had no issues at all. So steam all the way for me.

  11. Check ya corners my boy! That's a hot spot for people waiting on players like you that don't check corners. But I do understand what you mean. Look at it as a challenge to ruin there streaks and make it fun.

  12. Just play the campaign and take your time on release. Game isn't going anywhere.

  13. Yeah. It is. It is how rushers play. This video was top of the sub today and it's not even the sweatiest movement:

  14. I think that video is more of just a single jump shots and a showcase of aiming.

  15. Overall I played more on MnK versus controller and have to say the movement and gun play is a lot easier or at least smoother on controller.

  16. Oh ok. I don't play controller anymore since I switched to pc almost 2 years ago. I'll have to try it when the game drops. Mnk just feels better for every fps for me 😭😭😭 I can't go back to controller.

  17. I totally get it I switched to MnK too and would love to just play on that input but unfortunately for cod it seems to sway towards a controller play style more.

  18. Gotcha, well good luck. I only use controller for fighting and action adventure. Anything that requires aiming .... whew I get thst mouse so fast lmao

  19. Hasn't bunny hopping been a thing since the original mw2? Maybe even mw?

  20. Uhh, I'll have you know jumping around corners is very unrealistic and should be removed from the game for that reason!!! I think they should nerf it by making aiming impossible during jumps!!

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