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  1. Yo there’s for sure someone with a fuel cap door, the AK Facebook groups are great resources. As much as I’m not a fan of Facebook, it seems to be to new go to spot to find parts and such.

  2. I’ve been trying for a long, long time. Reach out if you know. When it gets down to -50 Fahrenheit, a lot of these fuel doors with the separate lock end up freezing, so a lot people just rip them off. I have tried to buy off of Facebook marketplace listings, and even bought the wrong fuel door off of eBay, if you have any connects hit me up brother. (Edit: Can’t spell)

  3. This would be dope. Love the tailgate, use it every day.

  4. So I had the same issue. I solved it by making sure my truck was up to full operating temp, then setting timing, then setting the idle with the adjusting screw on the throttle body. I think that screw is what you mean by the IAC. If you set timing and idle when the truck isn't up to temp, it'll idle low once its hot.

  5. Nice late 2nd Gen back there. Looks like a 22re as well.

  6. 91 5spd 315,000 miles daily here ✌️

  7. Ya when I was letting them know how I feel about the “extras” he says “even with the extra 8K onto MSRP you can still sell it for more” thanks, if I’m gonna flip a 4Runner it will be on the trail…

  8. It didn’t matter if I kept one eye closed or not. Am I dying?

  9. Monocular cues make this stuff easier to see with lack of depth perception

  10. The doors give it away. From the sprint / pontiac sunbird era

  11. Any word on if there will be a similar program coming for NRCMs??

  12. No idea. Francis said there is a NRCM fly-only position on the way. How would that work in the field? Also, 95-1 remains unchanged so...

  13. Never had them but when I was back there last month someone was asking him his schedule and he definitely was a nice dude. I remember seeing him on the lunch rush.

  14. I worked at a hospital in SoTX. At least once a week someone stole a visitors tailgate knowing visitors stay at the hospital for long periods of time. I saw security footage, bad guys just drive by and take the tailgates in under 15seconds.

  15. Good thing I have a 2nd Gen 4Runner with the tailgate… guess I’ll start keeping the back window up. Had no idea this was a thing

  16. He was fucking with you, probably because he thought you were fucking with him

  17. Aneurysms are common. Ruptured aneurysms are rare. The overwhelming majority of people go their whole lives without ever knowing about an aneurysm they have in their heads. You’re more likely to die in the car on the way to get screened for an aneurysm than you are to die from it rupturing.

  18. Read the book “Do No Harm”. Brain surgeon in the 80s. Heavy, heavy life that man had. He knew all his patients that turned into vegetables.

  19. Wow, I bet you are the life of every party!

  20. with that description, he got my party goin alright

  21. Gotta do the ear check in the rearview before that door opens in the parking spot Fam. Every day

  22. IIRC the pilot in this video was intentionally landing via autototation and came in too fast.

  23. I love it. Looks like a 24 hr lemons car

  24. Mayne, the 4runner looks good regardless what gen it is!

  25. It's the super hawk with the 180hp Penn yan STC

  26. What was the performance and the winds like? GS/IAS? Looked calm to me. There’s a lot of CAT when I have flown in that area but I haven’t taken a plane yet (helo guy here)

  27. Reading minus 128 right now. Love looking at that mountain. Makes my hands sweat.

  28. Unfun fact, there is a breed of tick that when it bites you causes you to have a chance to become allergic to red meats.

  29. I spoke with a random man about this once on a hiking trail, he had it, totally forgot about it until just now

  30. In the event of an emergency… I dunno… do whatever feels right… I don’t care

  31. You’d be surprised. If half the Lieutenants I’ve flown with at my last unit put half as much work into a flight as the goddamn stickers on their water bottle I’d be out of a job

  32. Yup. Might as well not put it on the list if it's #4.

  33. I’m glad someone else said it first.

  34. Road rash was badass. It was either that or duke nukem 3d haha.

  35. Did it let you jump over cars with a baseball bat? I was like 4 years old and loved playing that game with the teenage kid who’s mom babysat me as a wee lad. Haven’t thought of this game since.

  36. Here in L.A. cars like the Aston are pretty common, the El Camino is a lot rarer and more interesting, at least to me.

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