1. Also did my stuff come through on reddit chat I think it worked

  2. Aww man, it won’t let me start a chat! Can you please start it? I saw that other people had the same issue :’)

  3. Why?? I get banned for saying “lol” and “jsjdjdhdhdh” because they said it was sxual content, but there’s people doing this?? Bruh

  4. My username is ILoveRollerCoastersn, and I always play as jazmin! I’m almost always either in campus 2 or sunset island.

  5. When I was in third grade I pronounced chaos as cha-os (kind of like cha-cha spaghetti o’s) lol

  6. Thank you SO much for sharing this! I collect retro Barbies & was thrilled to see this. Gorgeous Girls!

  7. She was Barbie’s original best friend. At some point she was replaced with others

  8. Omg hiiii :) I’ve seen the same video and I’ve been wanting to make one too!

  9. Hi again! I don’t have an Etsy or any type of shop, but I do do commissions if you would like one! :)

  10. I didnt even know these existed but i need them all. (Please send a link)

  11. I’m sorry to tell you this, but you can’t actually buy them anymore. They were limited edition :(

  12. They say shipping out in October, so I imagine it won't be until the end of the month. My Freddy and Monty vinyls shipped last week, and I haven't gotten them yet, so it seems to take a while.

  13. I would say “thateth is righth” but I’m rather exhausted and reddit isn’t my thing anymore

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