1. Initially airing in 1978, this very morbid segment titled "Don't Look Back in Anger" features actor and comedian John Belushi playing an elderly version of himself. The sketch shows Belushi visiting the graves of his real life Saturday Night Live cast members as he explains how each one has died and reflects on why he has managed to outlive them all. He comments on how many thought he would be one of those to "Live fast and die young" and mentions that one of his cast members (Garrett Morris) had died of a heroin overdose.

  2. I wasn't aware of that. I saw it in the mug section. Do these soup bowls have this type of handle?

  3. It's not a mug. It's a soup crock.

  4. Cool. I wasn't aware of that. It was in the mug section. So I thought it was a big novelty mug. XD

  5. You should have used your witchcraft to turn that heckler into a flea. A harmless little flea. Then you put that flea into a box and then you put that box into another box. Then you mail that box to yourself. And when it arrives HAHAHA SMASH IT WITH A HAMMER!!!

  6. Trans Girl here. Friends of mine say I pass. But I have my doubts on that. Contexts aside, I tend to just use any bathroom that's safe and lets me relieve myself in peace.

  7. I read your other comments and I know where you're directing that statement. But that's fine. It's your low tier opinion. Just wish you stood up to it rather than hiding in plausible deniability.

  8. Yes I didn't pluralrise "women" in the post. Crucify me. I'm half asleep and need to go to bed.

  9. One thing to come into mind is that the internet is a hive mind and echo chamber for people on the same wavelength to congregate w/ one another from all across the globe. But the true focus for change must start in you own backyard and build up from there.

  10. They were going to find an excuse sooner or later to justified their genocide towards us. As worrying as the climate is out there, we all need to stand up and fight as one. Not behind keyboards or with shitty hastags. But actually out on the street. We will not go into hiding. If you believe in your true self and the true self of others, we will not be forced back in the closet based off the heinous acts of one person that's co-opted by a group that want our blood anyways. Stand strong and go out there in a pack. If they come at us screaming bloody murder, then I think it's within every right to finish the job with a bullet to the head.

  11. Never cast the first stone. But be the one the cast the last blow.

  12. Neo lib party just doing the bare minimum. But will never change anything systemically.

  13. That first one especially is really... unsettling? Very eerie and uncomfortable. It's a coldness and isolation, but somehow familiar. Like being somewhere when you shouldn't. I'd say you did a good job!

  14. Thank you. Both photos definitely give off liminal energy to some degree and I'm pretty happy with the finer details to the locations featured. The first pic is actually the entrance to the Women's Restroom and the other is a makeup selection at a local department store.

  15. Well an incident involving me falling into a giant swimming pool full of radioactive Blåhajs may of had something to do with it.

  16. From personal experience, I know too well how this true act of grooming is executed to force us to not live as our authentic selves. It starts with trying to sew seeds of doubt and dependency to your abusers. Making sure they have a stronghold on you. They self-justify their actions as "knowing what's best for you". But that's obviously a mere phrase of pure crock. Those, that call themselves "Family" and "Friends" are just feeding their power of authority over those that complete THEIR distorted status quo. They won't see you as a human being. They see you as an asset and property to their warped cause.

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