1. Drug dealers have been hanging out at train stations for 30 - 40 years.

  2. That's one of consequences of rent control: reduced inventory as landlords sell their properties instead of renting at a loss.

  3. I'm guessing the team of detectives who've been investigating my stolen bike since 1992 have caught a break in the case.

  4. Detective: "I'm too old for this shit!" while chasing the suspect with his gun out on top of the moving train.

  5. Detective Briggs leaned back in his creaky office chair, taking a drag from his cigarette as he stared at the yellowed missing bicycle report tacked to the wall. The paper had aged over the past 30 years, the once-crisp edges now frayed and the ink fading.

  6. Money. They did a bunch of the earthwork to get ready for that overpass though.

  7. Yes, you can see the ramps are already graded. The plan long term is for interchanges there and at 52 and 68 streets.

  8. The double diamond diagonal, diabolical, interchange at Macloed Trail south and 162. It makes a bit of sense after a while but at first drive people all freak out going the wrong way on an overpass.

  9. I drive over it all the time and have never experienced a problem there at all. I find it works really well at moving traffic as designed.

  10. I wonder if Rebel News is going to share this important info with its readers.

  11. They're too busy creeping women's washrooms looking for trans people.

  12. So nice of him to take time out of managing the Circle K in McKenzie Towne.

  13. I've always thought he looked like a slimy used car salesman.

  14. I'm really not attacking anyone. At least that is not my intention. It's just an observation.

  15. The difference in tech is that my NES had cartridges and nothing else while my Xbox is all digital.

  16. Sure. But always online games take that control out of your hands. Now you rely on the game developers maintaining the authentication servers to play a game. 50 years from now people could still theoretically be playing Super Mario on a NES. You can't say that about games like The Crew.

  17. Has anyone's experience with GameStop actually improved? I still get games with no cases and "new" games that have been opened. Even at the store they will open a case, put it in a plastic sleeve and put a new sticker on it.

  18. Nope. If anything, it's worse. Forcing people to buy PS5 consoles as a bundle with a game and some crap accessory, stores filled with more toys and collectibles than games, and no stock of titles worth buying have turned me off Gamestop entirely.

  19. I serve at a restaurant. 20% is not high. Plus you don't get a check of $700 with 2 or 3 people. That's a large party. This post doesn't belong here.

  20. 20% is a percentage...so it's based on the amount of the bill. What a bigger tip? Sell more food, expensive drinks, and dessert.

  21. When I visited Rome last year, all the lrt stations have a cafe attached. It was so obvious to do and ao simple and made the experience so much more appealing. I know the c train stations are empty of any structure at all to keep people low in society away but better maybe instead of making them shit for everyone we could instead balance it by bringing more upperclass office people to transit with an actually good experience and no better way to do it than with a cappuccino.

  22. I thought Canadians were coffee crazy but Italians (maybe it is more Rome citizens) love their tiny cappuccinos.

  23. Is the landlord asking you to leave or telling you to leave? You have a signed lease with a definitive end date, so there isn't any recourse for them to my understanding.

  24. Put some decorations and plants in your neighbor's yard without their knowledge. Now you can point out your own complaints if they ever return.

  25. Send city council some angry owls with your concerns. That will get things moving!

  26. Unfortunately it's the kind of work where word of mouth helps enormously.

  27. Were the lights completely out or flashing? Flashing red is stop, flashing yellow is proceed with caution.

  28. Yeah. That sucks. No one obviously has any clue what to do when the proper thing is a four-way stop.

  29. DO NOT go to Swiss Chalet. It's the same food you get at any nursing home. Thankfully there are not many left, but still avoid it.

  30. What the fuck? I LOVE Swiss Charlies. Chicken so dry you know it’s fully cooked. Heaping pile of hot fries, a couple of buns for chip buddies…I legit love me some Chalet. (But that sauce is some gawd awful. My wife loves it but me…nope, that’s a negatory, good buddy)

  31. No way. It's garbage cafeteria food. Chicken is dry as a Texas turkey and that sauce is horrendous.

  32. And the chickens are actually pretty good. A bit small, but free is free.

  33. Free food! My superstore is dirty, when they run out of chickens, they take the sign down.

  34. Don't plant annuals until after May long.

  35. I save money not buying potted annuals that can't grow here naturally.

  36. For the short time that election signs are permitted I have never found them to be an annoyance.

  37. Costco gas pumps have signs stating their fuel may contain up to 10% Ethanol.

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