1. {The Caphenon by Fletcher Delancey} is the start of a series and the second book {Without a Front: the Producer’s Challenege by Fletcher Delancey} is enemies to lovers. It’s very much inspired by Star Trek and has starships and a similar organization to the Federation. The books are about an alien planet and a first contact story. Each book in the series is F/F.

  2. Honestly, this is part of a darker arc, but the story will not stick with this tone forever. TWI does go back and forth between whole arcs were Erin is her silly lovable self and has wonderful slice of life chapters to dozens of chapters were Inn worls is just a shitty place to be in.

  3. So just to clarify that the majority of chapters continue to be depressing and sort of hopeless? I’m only asking because I feel like volume five in particular has been kinda going in this darker direction.

  4. Definitely not a majority of the story. Volume 5 is definitely one of the darker ones though

  5. Ok well I will at least try to make it to the end of Volume 5 and see how I feel then.

  6. I think I enjoyed the college courses more than the actual work. However I make enough to own a house and car, afford food, afford hobbies, and have some retirement savings. I know that if I move cities or states I can find a job. I don’t bring my work home with me and I have four days off every week (work three 12s). This makes it worth it to me even though there are down sides.

  7. Why did you enjoy the college courses more than the actual work?

  8. The college courses were more challenging and in depth than what is required for most jobs in the field (Medical Lab Science Bachelors Degree). We had to diagnose patients based on lab results, study rare diseases, and the subject matter really interests me. The actual job is mostly looking at “normal” ish cases (diabetes, heart disease, etc.) and many days are the same/similar. The problem solving and challenges in real life are instrument issues/repairs, using a paper trail to investigate specimen issues, and helping nurses deal with ordering/collection mistakes.

  9. You could give {The Lord of Stariel by A. J. Lancaster} a try. It has almost no spice until book two or three though. The setting is similar to 1920s UK with magic and there is also a Fae world/realm which they can travel to. The FMC is a wizard and the MMC is a Fae butler. I love this series so much and it reminds me of Studio Ghibli movies.

  10. Yeah honestly we could never validate sed rate at our lab and have to send it out so I’m not as familiar with it.

  11. Can I tag on and ask if there’s anything like this in F/F? OP let me know if this is derailing

  12. The Chronicles of Alesea by Fletcher Delancey. A series all different F/F couples. Basically Star Trek first encounter.

  13. You don’t need it to understand those shows, but I’d recommend finishing voyager. It’s a solid show, like the other trek shows, the first couple seasons are a little more dull.

  14. I think the problem was I came straight from DS9 which hooked me right away from episode one with a varied and fleshed out cast and an intriguing setting. But in VOY I really only liked 3-4 people after thirty episodes. I’m not sure I want to invest the time for just the doctor, Janeway, and Tuvok. Everyone else was alright (even Nelix, he’s not too bad to me) but I just didn’t find them as interesting. Also the dominion/cardassians were much more compelling villains than the Kalon (?) even in early seasons of DS9.

  15. So Voyager picks up BIG TIME by Season 4 when they introduce Seven of Nine.

  16. Maybe I’ll try to find an episode guide to let me skip around a bit until season four. I have heard good things about Seven of Nine and she’s in Picard too right?

  17. I would recommend checking out the movies and TV Specials as you go. They will give you some pretty cool moments. Sure, some are duds but the vast majority are pretty good.

  18. Oh wow I didn’t know there were so many movies! This is a really cool guide, thanks so much!

  19. Well yes I’m not going to see the whole thing (1000 episodes is crazy) but I have nothing against watching an episode or two if people liked them. I watched an episode from Arlong Park after I read it and it’s kinda fun to see it in color….

  20. I’m in my 30s and I read adult, YA, and middle grade books. Good books are good books! I find that fantasy geared towards younger people is sometimes more fantastic and whimsical than the stuff for older folks.

  21. Maybe consider Atelier Ayesha. The atelier games do feature RPG combat but the main gameplay is actually about alchemy and item crafting. The main character is an alchemist who goes on a quest to learn more about alchemy and find her missing sister. There are many slice of life events where you learn about side characters and the world lore and towns you visit. It’s very old and originally released on PS3 but is now available on Switch and Steam.

  22. You could try the Wandering Inn. It’s a free web serial by Pirate Aba and is also available for Kindle ebook. There’s quite a lot of POV characters including the inn keeper, fantasy mailmen, goblins, Ladies, Kings, and even a doctor and a clown. It’s not complete (two chapters published a week) but I’ve read about 6,000-7,000 pages already and I still like it. Fair warning it’s basically a litRPG/isekai. I treat it as fantasy popcorn to read in between my other books.

  23. Could you expand on what makes it good? I haven’t looked at the litrpg genre at all.

  24. Essentially some characters are abducted into a fantasy world from Earth. They discover a level system (like a video game or D&D) has been imposed on the residents and some choose to accept it and others not. Over time they discover more about this mystery.

  25. Oh dang, yeah that does seem rough. I’m sorry to hear that. Is it common for folks in lab to run codes? What is the job you do when you run a code?

  26. Some lab techs draw blood. Usually when a code (heart attack, stroke) happens someone has to go retrieve the specimens because the nurse is too busy doing CPR or meds or whatever. Our hospital has phlebotomists though so I never draw blood or go anywhere but the lab. It’s just based on each individual Hospital.

  27. I wish I could work 3 12’s… I work 5 8’s on nights and it kills me. My days off are spent sleeping. I’ve asked for 3 12’s multiple times but our lab doesn’t do it. No one wanted that kind of shift. Not many other places to go, unless I want to travel an hour or more away or relocate which I can’t do that. I don’t want to move my kids around.

  28. Our week day people work four days days/evening/nights Monday-Thursday. The weekend works 3 12s Friday-Sunday. It’s nice to have a set schedule but basically no one gets 40 hours so that’s the trade off.

  29. the arinthian line is underrated and not well known, but its available on kindle unlimited and very enjoyable IMO.

  30. Looking at the first chapter and it seems like it will fit! Best of all the series is finished so I can binge if I want to.

  31. Legends of Drizzt and the Riftwar saga. If you haven't read those they would be right up your alley.

  32. Great suggestions! Drizzt and Dragonlance are two series I enjoyed in high school! I’m looking for new indie authors on kindle unlimited who write those sorts of stories.

  33. If you cant buy the RV amiibo cards then some stores on Etsy make amiibo buttons/cards and it’s not too expensive. I got my Sanrio cards from there and they work just the same as the real ones.

  34. In the amiibo update you can sell your town and keep your item catalog, PWP unlocks, and you get money for things you have done in your town. It’s nice when I want to “start over” but it’s not completely starting over.

  35. I stopped reading books when I went through college. When I tried to get back into books it was pretty difficult so I started out just rereading ones I already read before to get in the habit again. You may need to build up the habit by reading short books/Young Adult/easy books or just try to figure out what you like the most and find books similar to ones you finished.

  36. Cozy grove may work. It’s about a “spirit scout” who gets stuck on a deserted island. You befriend the ghosts who live there and you can fish, catch bugs, and decorate the island and your tent. It’s kind of like spooky animal crossing. There is a witch costume and furniture set if you want to be more witchy!

  37. I tried the audio book, but it starts off really slow, and I found myself disliking the main character. Do you think it worth pushing through?

  38. I started this year and just got to Volume 5. Volume 1 is the roughest out of the ones I read so far. Erin can be a bit weird or naive at times and I like the fact several characters in universe pick up on this too. Some even tell her to her face if she’s being particularly stubborn. All characters (villains and good guys) have flaws and weakness as well as strengths and I think that’s why I love this series so much.

  39. I am a sucker for good characters… you’re making a really good case for it.

  40. Well the thing is this series is long. (1000-2000 pages per book). This series “wanders” if you will. And this means that the author has lots of opportunities to develop these characters with backstories and slice of life moments. We see them eating at an inn, fighting for their life, trying to find a job and live in this world, form friendships and rivalries. In most series there are 3-5 books 300-500 pages and there isn’t time/word count to do what Pirateaba has done here. This world is massive and the characters many and deep.

  41. The Lord of Stariel by AJ Lancaster - it’s essentially about the inheritance of a magical estate after the family patriarch dies. The main character is a daughter of the family and professional magical illusionist. It’s kind of a fantasy 1920s vibe with magic, fae, and some romance. There are 4 books in the series with one spin off novel.

  42. 30-40+ evolutions...? That's a lot more than I expected ngl. Now I might consider getting one. Like it would be boring if my friends and I all got the same Digimon but with that many options it seems unlikely.

  43. Thanks for the link. What a complex system, I like it. So do you know the power level difference between the final evos and the previous ones?

  44. If you click the picture it has the stats. You also have to consider the level of the monster and the type of monster (similar to Pokémon)

  45. On the first day you move in look on all the trees. One tree will have a different color fruit, “perfect” fruit. If you miss it a villager could move in and squish the tree and you won’t easily get another. You can plant it to make perfect fruit trees in your town.

  46. Look up the rosters for each and pick the one that appeals to you the most.

  47. So there is the same gameplay? No upgrades or extra features in version 2?

  48. Sometimes I will go for a while not using my kindle but instead using my kindle app on my phone or browser. It’s really convenient for times I can’t bring my actual kindle and whispersync saves my place once I open the kindle again.

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