1. Você bebe muita água? Todo estimulante (mesmo café) precisa de água pra processar

  2. In Brazil the closest we have to that is men who don't absolutely despise their wives. Most Brazilian husbands will use every opportunity they have to say how their wives are annoying/stupid/spend too much money/complain too much/etc. Very common workplace "humor", and very disgusting. It can be different in progressive, feminist circles, since it's clearly misogynistic. I would say most Brazilian men actually have a big emotional block on showing affection to their partners, and not that they show it excessively.

  3. You do have a point. In Brazilian public universities all thesis and dissertations are available online, and they can be referenced a lot. Mine is linked to my academic profiles and email signatures, so anyone can easily access it. Not saying this is necessarily a better model, who am I to say really, just sharing. One bad thing is that publishing a thesis/dissertation as a book can be a bit useless -- normally editors and the author will make the writing more organized and easier to read just so there's a point in buying the book. But yeah, my biggest motivation in writing my thesis was thinking about the moment I could share it with people.

  4. Putz cara, sei que não é o que você perguntou, mas eu também preciso fazer anotações à mão e acabo de comprar um S6 lite para o meu doutorado e estou absolutamente feliz com ele. Vi vários videos no youtube (daqueles bem aesthetic) que me deixaram encantada com ele, quem sabe mostrar uns desses pra ela? Porque acho que a Apple seduz muito pela beleza/design, o que é válido (também amo coisas bonitas hehe) mas a Samsung tem trabalhado muito bem nisso. Pra mim, que tbm sou mulher, é fundamental algo de preço razoável porque somos assaltadas com muita frequência, e eu não ia ter paz andando por aí com um troço de 5k+

  5. I'm personally very against buying devices with more power than what I need. I finished my masters last year on a 2011 Lenovo with Linux and it did everything I needed it to do - just saying cause people be like oh buy the MacPro cause they last 10 years, wtf all laptops should last that

  6. … they should, but they absolutely don’t.

  7. I'm sure some really don't, but how many are discarded when all they needed was formatting, some cleaning of the dust inside and maybe some extra RAM to keep on working as well as before? Most computers are discarded long before they're actually past their time, and a lot of people don't know that

  8. Are you asking about getting the 2020 version X 2022 version, or if is the S6 lite good for university notes?

  9. I was wondering more specifically for the 2022 version since it is newer, and if it would be good for note taking in uni.

  10. The difference in the 2022 is that it has a better processor and the Android will be updated for longer. All of the other features are the same

  11. I believe a lot of AdComms understand that the grading culture is different in other countries. I'm international and the programs I applied to did not request my "GPA" to be converted to a 4.0 scale, so I just inserted it in the original 0-100 scale. Programs that do request the conversion usually have guides for it.

  12. Don't submit a GRE score if the programs don't require it. And more and more programs should stop asking for it, otherwise they'll lose applicants to the programs that do

  13. Congratulations! I was also overall confused/in doubt in the days that followed my admissions. I thought there would be a catarsis moment, ugly crying of joy and etc, but there wasn't. I'm happy now, but serene happy

  14. Your fit is stronger to what the Northwestern has planned for the 2023-2024 cohort. CV/letters/etc are what qualify you, but not what gets you admitted.

  15. Did you receive any info about stipend/funding in your offer letter or has your department contacted you about it?

  16. I'm not the OP but I'm an admitted grad student too. After the admission letter it took some 10 days for the department to send me the funding offer. And now (weeks later) I have the final offer with more detail on graduate employment and etc

  17. No, I haven't accepted (yet). I believe you can contact the department by now and ask for it! Also take another look at the applicant portal if you haven't, mine was uploaded there but no notification email came in.

  18. Meus primeiros relacionamentos foram assim também. Agora estou no meu namoro mais longo, estamos juntos há 1 ano e alguns meses. Tenho 28 anos

  19. Finalmente um comentário coerente! Obrigado por compartilhar suas experiências amigo!

  20. It's effective, yet not a miracle. Meditating helps me a lot when my mind is my mind is racing more than usual, when I feel like there's not enough time in the day (like having a meeting start ten minutes after thw previous one, and I just need to decompress) or when I'm having a hard time switching tasks. Really, there's no disadvantage in trying it. I do 5 minutes only. Highly recommend that you use a guiding audio

  21. I would recommend you to take a look on the graduate student's page of the programs you're interested in. See if they have a masters degree, especially the international ones. Some top History programs seem to almost only accept applicants with MAs. Also, requirements for us international applicants are always higher. Have you considered getting a masters at your home country? You can always try the next cycle, and then, if it doesn't work, go back to considering getting a masters and applying again later.

  22. I also just got in (graduate though) and I don't care what this sub says I'm accepting it!! I wanna be complaining with you all

  23. I've been following Kaelyn's content for a while and tbh, and I thought about "investing" to get consulting from her because she really sells the perfect life. She lives in a beautiful apartment with an amazing Yale campus view, she has all the expensive apple/cameras tech, she travels a lot, and she attends an Ivy league after transferring from a community college (and I also started at a CC and I'll graduate in May with my bachelor's) and all (as she sells) through her own merit. I apply for graduate schools last cycle and unfortunately did not get into any program, so I was pretty down and was really thinking about hiring her. However, I never checked the prices and would never imagine she is charging so much. I was starting to notice that her content lately is becoming very meritocratic and she is giving more "girl boss" vibe and that was bothering me. So this post was a wake up call for me. Especially because her PhD is in history and African American studies, so she should know better than giving all these meritocratic vibes. I was very addicted to her content and felt very inspired by her and when she shared a success story from her clients, I noticed that a major part of her clients are international students or upper middle class, and very few have ended up at an Ivy league. I think that, like me, lots of people want to have this perfect life she sells as a graduate student/entrepreneur and imagine that grad school would be a perfect fairytale as she sells. But I started at a Community college for a reason, it was because I could not afford college and currently, I'm finishing my bachelor's because I got a full-ride otherwise I would not be able to afford. Students transferring from CC cannot afford $1.5k in consulting fees, that's insane. When I applied for transfer i got as much fee waivers as i could but I still had pay around $600 I'm application fees that I put on a credit card and prayed to be able to pay it somehow. There's no way I could afford those fees, but if someone can, sure, pay up, good for her. She just cannot keep selling this affordable, inclusive and meritocratic story.

  24. Not saying she's not to be held responsible, but these youtubers either feed off of people's insecurities or "die" (as in not grow). Only some of the small channels are not going into a meritocratic/perfect life advertisement/miracle solution kinda of thing. I hate what my youtube feed has become ever since I looked for videos on grad school.

  25. That's a crazy amount of money for checking application materials. If you are international and are applying to the US, the US Department of State has a network called EducationUSA, which offers free counseling to apply to a US institution, they even help checking SOP and CV.

  26. Yes!!! They might charge for reviewing your SOP but it's an affordable price for a full hour of counseling.

  27. The co-ops for grad students are always a good choice, like Hillegrass-Parker or The Convent since they’re usually nicer, plus rent is cheap given food is included!

  28. Hey! I'm not the OP but I'm on the same situation. I'm very interested in the co-ops. I'm only making a decision on which school I'm going after the visit events in mid-March though. Can you tell whether I would still have a change of getting a room at a graduate co-op if I apply by late March?

  29. Honestly the waitlists are really long and I wouldn’t count on it by then. You could apply now (it’s a $25 fee) and then decide in March, worst thing would be losing the $25

  30. Thanks a lot! Gonna try to apply now. Hopefully I can do it without being an enrolled student

  31. I applied to all schools where I had a good fit and was willing to attend. And that was only 6. Accepted at 3, waitlisted at 1, rejected from 2. Fit is what got me in, no doubt.

  32. Wow. Great to hear of such a possibility. Please did they indicate in your letter of admission that they could foot your flight bill on a limited budget?

  33. Not in the admission letter but in a form they asked me to fill, related to attending or not the visit event.

  34. Entendo sua perspectiva mas uma leitura malthusiana (que beira a eugenia, devo te informar) faz mais por eles do que por nós. O Brasil podia ter só metade da população atual e o desemprego e precarização seriam os mesmos, pois o problema é sistemático e não deriva do tamanho da população. Ainda, escolher ter filhos é tão direito fundamental quanto escolher não tê-los (aborto legal já). Pode não ser a sua definição de felicidade, também não é a minha, mas é a de muita gente. A que interesse serve mandar as pessoas desistirem da busca da felicidade em nome da sobrevivência? Cuidadinho com o que se defende, facilmente reproduzimos aquilo que somos contra quando não pensamos.

  35. Não precisa ser malthusiano pra entender a ética de não ter filhos, muito menos pra entender que superpopulação é um problema e que retroalimenta o capitalismo. Não ter filhos é uma escolha lógica e ética. Basear a própria felicidade em gerar filhos é uma escolha emocional e às vezes até irracional

  36. Acho que com um roteador mesh rola. Eu comprei o mesh da multilaser (por outro motivo, distribuição do sinal), uma das peças conecta no modem, a outra vc põe onde quer fazer chegar o sinal. Configura a nova rede pelo app

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