1. Yep, I am NEVER advocating for a natural remedy over a safe, reliable, refined medicine, but there are many natural remedies that have real results and have been around for centuries. The ones that work were studied and refined into modern medicines, like willow bark —> aspirin. It’s cool history! You just can’t be stupid about it like the people who get posted in this sub 🙃

  2. Or you know, antibiotics like penicilin? Literally a fungus.

  3. Oh my gosh you're right 🤣 my dyslexia tricks me every chance it gets 🤦🏼‍♀️

  4. Its not only dyslexia. The brain skips over single letters when we are used to the words. And we all expected it to be silver, so our brain did exactly that lol

  5. Wasn't it speculated that he was a major misogynist? anyone please correct me if I'm wrong

  6. He sure does seem like one. His whole Persona feel so fake and over the top too.

  7. Except you don’t. Sorry, I’m from Hawaii. Get heaps of Aussie tourists.

  8. Imagine calling tipping and being fake friendly unironically a culture lol

  9. ALL latex condoms are biodegradable. Yall don't know that latex comes from trees? Literally rubber trees. This post drives me nuts lol

  10. It is, because its not plastic but latex in most cases. And natural latex is 100% biodegradable. How do people not know this?

  11. Why are you guys downvoting them for stating their opinion lol Its not like they are stating that people do look like that or that she's real lol

  12. I think it has become a shared sub by this point tbh, but all I’m saying is if you do go on this sub you can’t expect everyone to be as discreet with spoilers as others are.

  13. Whoops. Didnt knew that I had to make a spoiler tag either since we openly discussed p2 and everything else for the longest time now here.

  14. You’re comparing a show with over a dozen people you could consider a “main character” to a show with 2 main protagonist. You know whose death will carry much more weight than Neds did.

  15. We literally didnt knew that ned wasn't THE maincharacter back then.

  16. Is it really womb envy? I thought they saw a weakness and were just taking advantage of our reproductive systems.

  17. Of course it is in a psychological sense. Men want it all. They always wanted it. But they can't have this one particular thing and never will. They were and are controlling women all around the globe. Its not a concident that so many cultures and men hate women, while the only thing that we can do, what they can't, is produce life. Talking about locks and keys, talking about sacred virginity in women, locking women up in their houses because "other men can't control themselfs" instead of teaching boys to actually fo control themselfs, rape, forced marriage and forced birth. It all boils down to our sexuality and our ability to create life. Men loathe that women can do something like that and try to elevate themselfs "men are stronger. Men are more intelligent, men are this and men are that and women are just hysterical, bitchy and dumb"

  18. IDK but it's relevant info to have. In addition to that, I was told very specifically here in Asia, that they don't pair "heavy surgeries" with other surgeries ie, they won't do a tummy tuck with a BBL or a tummy tuck and a brachioplasty. Meanwhile, in the West, it's like "oh you want three things done together, sure why not."

  19. Isnt it also wild how they call it to make it Sound cutesy and not like a dangerous real surgery? Tummy tuck, mommy makeover, brazilian Butt lift

  20. That she's the Problem. But nobody believed her until matty

  21. Fuck you, in the nicest way possible. It's 2016 all over again I hate people

  22. You are familiar with her song anti hero? Or are you just like really bad at irony? Anyway, go be mad about someone making fun of a billionaire who doesn't even know or care that you are alive. Lol

  23. Having three kids he can't afford is exactly WHY we can shit on him. His parents don't owe him their home. And while I am the first to agree that millennials as a whole are underachieving (I'm Gen X and we did things way differently), the reality is, I know many who are still affording the regular American dream. The difference is, they married well and didn't spit out a ton of kids in their twenties. Responsible people can still live a regular life, but they have to make good choices out of the gate.

  24. His parents do owe him since they wanted a child. Why should parents be "fuck off when you turn 18"? They wanted to create life, now they have to take care of him until the day they die. Sorry but that's a hill I will die on. No-one asked to be born.

  25. This is a happy moment for OP. There is no need for your snarky comments.

  26. Whats snarky about that? Its a) The truth and b) just one more argument to keep beloved pets indoors.

  27. More like too drunk - my friend did it and said everyone gets absolutely trashed before bull runs.

  28. That's only true for self-preservation huh? So men are generally smarter than all women?

  29. I can relate so much to everything you're saying. It breaks my heart. One thing I've always wondered that I don't yet understand is, why do men have to "fight their urges to cheat and experience more variety" ?? Is this just a product of the culture that the sex trade and widespread pornography has created, or is there more?

  30. Its culture and upbringing. Because there are some decent men in some western cultures who don't see women as breeding stock and just things they can use for pleasure. They are rare, but they exist.

  31. Just about every photo I've seen of her is face tuned and heavily edited. Standing next to him it's so obvious. I wonder why she does it

  32. Maybe its because she doesn't want to be recognized after her million dollar settlement and wants to spent the money in peace lol

  33. Oh I know. But she will be eventually lol I don't believe that someone would be with this human trash can for any other reason

  34. I felt like pickpockets and tourist scammers virtually disappeared from Paris during COVID. On the other hand, in my neighborhood (which is pretty touristy), scammers targeting locals appeared. One night while walking my dog, I was approached three times in 15 minutes by men telling me (in French, which is unusual for a scammer in my neighborhood) they'd just gotten out of jail and needed to make a phone call to arrange a place to stay. When the third one approached, I said, "wow, a lot of people got out of jail today, didn't they?" He just walked away.

  35. And what a dumb Scam lol. Yeah Sure ex Felon. Take my phone. And my firstborn too while you are at it, since I trust every person who just got out of jail with my life

  36. Right, and how many of them are actually Polish?

  37. Honestly? Probably a lot, since you can keep your citizenship AND claim it as a child of a polish person too, no matter where you were born. Greencard and schengen Passport? Sounds like a great deal

  38. I use expired lush products all the time. Its a "best before" date and not "Toxic from".

  39. I live in Edinburgh and good lord do I dread the arrival of August when the Fringe Festival happens. The city simply doesn’t have the infrastructure to handle the swell of people that come for it. And it lasts for pretty much the entire month!

  40. OK but I absolutely love the fringe. Im sorry that you hate me, but i will come back anyway lol

  41. I would endire it because I always have hope that something good will happen and I need to live to see that.

  42. Depends on age, doesn't it? They may seem depraved and careless about life, but what if there's a chance for rehabilitation? Sure, you're not murderer, but what dumb things did you do in your teens and 20s that you would never do now?

  43. Sorry but killing someone and lauging isnt "dumb stuff I did in my teens". It shows that those kids are psychopaths (or soziopaths?) without empathy and not redeemable. I will bet everything i have that they will grow up to stay violent assholes and not valuable members of society.

  44. Prison works. We don’t need to change that. Though, we do need to build more prisons and increase punishments and quit with the “sentenced for 20 years but got out in 5”

  45. Lol america do not need to build more prisons. Just release the people who are sitting in there for stuff like having some weed on them and there will be enough room for the baddies.

  46. Yeah he shaded Devin too. Bad bunny is the biggest male artist in the world right now and I guess their relationship might help her sell her tequilas

  47. The biggest male artist? I don't even have a fucking clue who that is lol

  48. Yeah he gets the most streams on Spotify and best sales in America. Since america has so many latinos

  49. Well yeah America. But america isnt the world. I asked a few friends here in Europe, because I was curious if I'm just out of the loop. Nobody knew him. Except for a few girls because of kendall lol

  50. Personally, it was more seeing him as the catalyst of the series. To me, his death represented the end of it. The funeral scene at the end of Endgame only made me emotional because it felt like saying goodbye to the MCU, not Tony himself. Especially with how they showed all those characters. Chills

  51. This. He started the mcu with "I am iron man" and it was also what he said at the end of an era.

  52. Her character is a stereotype of an ignorant and narcissistic American. That type of person would put very little effort into language learning.

  53. This but also french is a very diffucult language especially when you start to learn it in your 30s.

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