1. Wonder why people haven’t been asking why Scott hasn’t seemingly hasn’t been with his kids in forever but I guess that question and judgement only applies to kourtney 🙄

  2. what is going on with them. kendall is posting him again but there are cheating rumours every other week.

  3. Booker was in Vegas this weekend and is one of the top player in the league (so NBA A Lister) 👀

  4. she had the chance to pivot in 2017 or 2018 but now its too late. she doesnt even put focus on her studies anymore and she has had too many embarrassing moments.

  5. if they dont cut it or give all the air time to manufactured drama and dont show the party.

  6. Kim is 41yo, I don’t think her mom can just tell her to go to Australia if she doesn’t feel like it, no matter how influential momager can be

  7. its not about filming but postponing the break up. her season 2 arc is all about kete and its awkward now that theyve broken up.

  8. To me all these things piss off because they are clearly bullshit.

  9. I followed Amanda for a while and used to find her somewhat informative and entertaining as just gossip news. But can’t stand her lately. She’s become BFFs with deux moi and up the kardashian ass. Just annoying. I was shocked when the break up news happened and she didn’t spend all weekend talking about theories, snarking on it, gossiping,. She was oddly quiet considering she spends day and night on Instagram. I nicely asked her if it was because they follow her now and she blocked me. Literally said nothing mean or rude. 😂

  10. It’s saying they both knew it wasn’t going to work and didn’t want to do long distance

  11. i hope not. theyre immortalising each other in their arts and its embarrassing.

  12. its overkill. i expect one of her friends to shade him or a leak in a few weeks. kim will likely give him a bad edit on the show and it will have the kris humphries effect.

  13. This will probably be her next move honestly as she has nothing else left.

  14. I know and apparently she talked to kim about it saying it was all in good fun. This was strange as well... things don't add up.

  15. i mean theyre not close friends. if an aquaintance made a tiktok of my soon to be ex i would just laugh it off too.

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