1. If your answer isn’t open the 58 wide open and flop of a lifetime you have some learning to do

  2. Guy offered us to play through today and we told him we would let him know in a couple holes. Took him up on his offer and he got annoyed and didn’t want us to. Ended up taking 2:45 on the front

  3. idk if it’s considered expensive, but Cunningham’s is trash. People just go there because it’s on the water.

  4. This is ridiculous. If you are going to Cunninghams for anything other than the fish sandwich or the Cunningham burger you’re doing it wrong. Those two things are done better there than anywhere else in the city

  5. Looks like everyone is having a fun time. Anyone complaining about this or Covid is a loser

  6. Bodies provide excellent friction (blood, though, does not).

  7. Shut up dorks. These people are having fun. Way to ruin it with your paranoid delusions

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