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What-if: Civilization VII

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  1. I think it could have some really cool bonuses if they added a diseases mode that expanded on the black plague mini game.

  2. Well they could just scream “Nooooooooo! “(Insert random generic first name of culture of troop) if there is a infantry troop in x distance, range troop in y distance, and cavalry in distance. If parameters are met, then emote will occur. If enemies of required variable are in the parameters, then voice line battle-scream-mourning voice line happens only.

  3. DEFINITELY not safe to ignore. Things get much worse if the plan comes to fruition and your kingdom isn’t an absolute powerhouse.

  4. Not a very good tier 6 helmet but good early game, especially if you have an ego

  5. Obama, I think that's a stretch. He didn't achieve much and he's very modern. It would be too polarizing.

  6. Production cost for walls is cut in half. Can buy walls with gold and force other civs to pay for it

  7. From what I know and heard yes, Cory has and does want Egypt. It's happening folks, like it or not. Say bye bye to Norse

  8. Gaul if you play Highlands. RR Teddy feels well made for multiplayer. Byzantium is a favorite… I like to do their religion with work ethic and crusade to make them absolutely busted.

  9. The fact that Jack is so drawn to literature like Dutch. Yup. This is 110% his kid.

  10. Thank you for agreeing with me. When RDR2 first came out, most people couldn’t accept this simple truth.

  11. I'd like for the Roman leader to be a Republican for once- Cicero, Scipio Africanus, Fabius Maximus, a Cato, Sulla, just not the same parade of Caesars we've had since the early 1990s.

  12. Once again… Marcus Aurelius is on the high score list but has never been in a game.

  13. A Battanian is just a bandit whose ancestors piled up some rocks and called it a town.

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