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  1. someone ran up to me in the open world and asked for info about some game stuff. we talked for a short while and parted ways. was pretty good

  2. It's pretty sad something like this is considered a highlight...

  3. Yeah, after I couldn't change zone in the game anymore. You have to restart the bnet launcher and sit through 2-3 hours of queue again. Happened to me twice now and couldn't get past a few minutes of playing.

  4. there is a pretty big option on the right hand side (in the char select menu) that says DELETE CHARACTER... you should manage

  5. Still takes me ages to find a game on tank or dps only support is a min or less if you are lucky when you pick all roles it will give you something else besides support.

  6. Didn't have a game where I would have to wait more than 2 minutes... ow1 days were usually queues up to 10 minutes... so defo a step in the right direction...

  7. I am trying to give you a glimmer of hope by telling you, how my rank evolved over seasons.

  8. Appreciate that and it makes sense... I wish Blizz was a bit more open with the system or at least the ability to communicate this properly...

  9. The propotions on that w3 tauren are waay better than the wow one... reminds me a minotaur. Smaller hooves and wider torso/shoulder really makes the tauren look dangerous... wow version is a bit meh in comparison

  10. Not enough yellow filter... don't feel much mexican vibes from the picture.. that's a donwote from me

  11. I guess beating your own wife is also not considered hostile in your dictionary huh you sick bastard?

  12. Do you also get bjs from your campfire?

  13. Waterfalls and mountain lakes would be cool.. I mean any lakes would be a cool addition...

  14. Tits too round. That's a downvote from me

  15. Np. Same model, different tint... easy to mistake those

  16. Yeah this is why reddit is just a here and there thing for me. Very weird people seem to be in charge in alot of the subs....

  17. Very weird people seem to be in charge in general IRL

  18. The grey skin tint would make this even better but good job.

  19. It looks like half boner under pyjama trousers

  20. If you did nothing wrong then your ban will be removed. If you did something wrong, which you most likely did to get 181 day ban then it will continue.

  21. Wow, never thought about it this way... very cleverous indeed

  22. Would be cool if they brought the DF story Into old zones (like Cataclysm did) which would transition into dragon riding everywhere pretty well. And yeah, let us dragonride other dragon mounts to make them relevant again... imagine the 800% mount speed in the old world.

  23. Just report him. Don't give him visibility... that's exactly why people like this do this.

  24. You can't fit the truck into that shed, but you can fit the shed into that truck

  25. Why did you take the screenshot in the darkest place imaginable?

  26. To hide the imperfections ;)

  27. Until it happens to you... shitty approach

  28. Come on. "I got punished for no reason!!" posters basically always turn out to be assholes proving exactly why said punishment system is there

  29. True.. but I've seen the the big post about the cartel mass reporting people for providing service for cheap. This post seems to be very similar although written in a moany way... doesn't mean it's not true.

  30. It's hard to really come up with a solution because people leave for a variety of reasons and not every reason should be used against them.

  31. You get penalised for leaving matches in ow early... no-one cares whats the reason. I am all for punishing people for leaving keys early... had hunter yesterday who left 12 Jade because 'the key is already depleted anyway '... who cares, finish the fucking dungeon, get yourself a vault and piss off... dude was 380 ilvl btw

  32. PVP games are irrelevant. If someone leaves in your OW game they are penalized because their team is now playing 4v5. They are penalized for making the game harder and making their teammates lose rank. In wow if someone leaves the key is just over no one loses anything except a depleted key.

  33. I'd argue with that.. someone leaving a key still makes it doable but harder, same like ow... in both cases you are screwing over people you've joined the match / dungeon with

  34. I'd honestly like them to just add new specializations to existing classes. Lots of room to expand current DPS classes to give them new options. Time mage to heal, for example.

  35. Dual shield warrior who does 0 damage but blocks 90% of dmg

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