1. Is it really worth the grind ? Like the sturmtiger look fun but everytime I see a bar in game he just die immediately or do nothing

  2. depends on what you want really, Its speed is around 35Kmh, slightly armored, There are better tank destroyers around but this one is a lot more unique in its playstyle

  3. When it hits, it's devastating. WHEN it hits.

  4. Agreed, nothing worse than spending 20 seconds lining up a perfect shot then ..... Miss or it hits an object infront of the enemy like a car or a wall XD

  5. I had the same issue, Just had to reverse and go around the barricades to the side

  6. His face looks like he has been stabbed in the top of the head with a carrot.

  7. Turns out its a she, from the voice of the commander xD O_O

  8. I wanted to think it was better xD. Oddly the Roundabout, A tier below it beats the Longbomb in almost every way apart from frontal armor

  9. There's more life and Vibrancy in this one video than there is in the whole of Horizon 5

  10. Sure, discount it more. It's still for suckers and whales. What tank line would you want to skip straight to tier 10 anyway? (Besides arty for the achievement.)

  11. SturmTiger line, Only hearing bad things about it at the moment and would rather just invest to get the higher tier

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