1. I’m thinking he either 1. Deleted the negative answers or 2. Blocked the people who commented with negative answers so it only shows the positive.

  2. Link says it’s expired 😩

  3. So I live here and it was in the 40s this AM…

  4. PUTIN is the perpetrator here so it’s absurd that John is trying to turn this into a American democrat versus republican issue. It’s beyond how engrossed he is by identity politics. He’s incredibly ignorant has no clue what he’s talking about I’m sure he’s just reiterating shit bio dad shared on Facebook/texted him. If John wants to make it a Republican/Democrat issue tho I wonder what his thoughts are on the trumps business dealings with Russia, trump wanting to remove the US from NATO, trump and putins countless secret conversations that were not entered into record as all presidential correspondence are supposed to be, and trump pulling the US from the open skies treaty- giving Russia the headway to do so as well…. It’s almost as if former KGB operative Putin has been sowing the seeds to further his desire to invade former soviet countries for well over a decade. This isn’t some plan he set into motion this week. It would be happening regardless of who is president and heck if trump were in office he’d be sending US troops in to HELP Russia. Interesting that this is allllll Biden’s fault though! Ignorant idiot.

  5. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  6. Husband didn’t go to college either and started a college savings account the minute our kid was born! Doesn’t mean she’ll go BUT we want to give her the option.

  7. Omg…can you imagine what the unedited version looked like?

  8. I sent him a screenshot of the actual data of vaccinated vs unvaccinated. He’s a fucking moron. Doesn’t know shit and spreading false information. I reported his story too.

  9. Can you point me to that data? (Not being snarky. Just wanna share with a friend)

  10. https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2021/10/28/us/covid-breakthrough-cases.html

  11. I’m really concerned for Emmy and what Ali and Cohn will do if she is on the spectrum.

  12. I love my husbands friends so much but I would NEVER leave my daughter with them. With their wives? Maybe. By themselves? Hell no. They can’t be this fucking stupid. They really can’t.

  13. Ew. Put a bra on when there’s a guest in your home, Ali

  14. First thing I noticed. I would NEVER.

  15. They would be fucking morons if she is.

  16. She should’ve used the $17k from her veneers for an interior designer.

  17. They’ll become bffs with Jesse again and see if she can push it for them.

  18. I call bullshit on this. I don’t believe in the miscarriages and I don’t believe in the testing.

  19. The poses and the editing 🤦‍♀️

  20. Same!!!!! This just blows my mind. Emmy’s belly is so empty 😭

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