Massive Hornet Nest Removal

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  1. don't let her fool you she is a demon chaos monster

  2. Cuz she's got TORTITUDE! We also have a beautifully deceptive chaos monster!

  3. I have a kind of small hallway (it’s really more like a foyer or peculiar Winchester House-inspired nonsense room) connecting my dining room with my kitchen, and when I moved in, I bought a metal shelving unit for one wall, because it made it insanely convenient to sort things that belong in the dining room and kitchen, and also was a convenient little layover spot for all the food, spices, baggies, and whatnot that you always have to rebuy after a major move. The idea was to eventually get done buying and clearing the basement of kitchen and dining room boxes and relocate the shelves to the garage to just be unsightly utility shelving out there. Towards the end of my unpacking festival, I was readying household stuff to get thrown out or donated, and a friend helping me found a ratty old blanket that I’d bought around 1989 and used the living hell out of for everything from a sick blanket to movie nights on the floor, to spreading it out on the grass in lieu of a picnic blanket. To say this thing has seen better days is an understatement. I’d just finished off a throwaway bag, and didn’t feel like starting another right then, so I told my friend to put it on the bottom shelf of the mini-hallway shelves, so it would be an embarrassing eyesore and make it into the next throwaway bag.

  4. Birders are something else. I found a rare bird (for our area) at one of our feeders. Made the mistake of posting it on eBird to confirm. Had tons of people asking for address to come see it to mark it off their list since one hadn’t been seen in a decade. I felt bad saying no, so I had tons of cars lined up and people with binoculars staring into backyard. Some driving several hours.

  5. This happened to us too! But it never came back so they all left. eBird has some amazing networking going on for sure!

  6. Do you know of anything without deet that works? I’m highly allergic and also don’t want tick bites when I’m out hiking.

  7. Off! Family Care is a relatively safe deterrent for most biting bugs including fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, biting flies etc. Don't pet your animals without washing your hands first and don't let them lick it off you, but otherwise they should be fine.

  8. Just a heads up that Off Family Care does still contain deet. My mom bought some assuming it was deet free. Active ingredient is

  9. Oh sorry I should have specified -- they make one with Picaridin instead of Deet, that's the one we use. Not the aerosol. I think the label is blue.

  10. They don't have much fuzz so they are the least pollinating of the pollinators. They are also parasitic. They don't produce much of anything except sadness.

  11. Several of them prey on things I also hate, like spiders and stink bugs and tomato hornworms.

  12. Here's a tomato hornworm I found in my garden, after a braconid wasp got done with it:

  13. It has always tickled me to see how many cats never seem to learn the Calvin & Hobbes rule:

  14. I do not see dozens of these posts... Where do you see them?

  15. I don't either. Staging/Beta builds are to make sure they work, they aren't added until they're production ready*

  16. If you're going to make hyperbolic political jokes they should at least be funny. Otherwise you just look like an extremist political nutjob...

  17. It’s great to watch Reddit get a crash course in geopolitics.

  18. So, being a woman, I can see how these responses might be irritating. I'm failing to see why the differentiation in your post title was important. I mean, would they be acceptable if you weren't male?

  19. Why only one when you can have both? 😍 (totally kidding! Both are very cute, but I saw your comment above about only having room for one so I understand only being able to take one).

  20. Honestly 2 is easier than one. They keep each other occupied.

  21. Eat bot seems pretty stressed by this post lmao; have fun eating your raspberries!

  22. I spent years in treatment for OCD and my sister is still in therapy. I also get the "do not attempt unless perfect" bit. I have a beloved book called

  23. They don't want to go in the room, they just don't approve of closed doors. Pretending they want to go in the room gets you to open the door but then you fail by closing it again.

  24. Sorry to keep you guy's hanging... Didn't realize this little jerk had a fan base. He reacted as he usually does when he pulls these Shananigans...It takes him a few seconds to digest what just happened and then just kinda looks at me with the "Ok human you fix this diddle daddling get moving". He does crap like this all the time so he's used to the wet towel sponge bath, he know's whats about to happen so he just follows me the to bathroom..but he still gives a stare down the whole time I'm de-jammafying him like this was totally my fault. Jam is still his nemisis..I'm pretty sure he does it with jam because he know's what a pain in the ass it is to clean up...but he's more cautious now ..He knows to cat slap things off the counter when he is on highground. Jam stays in the bunji cord locked fridge now..He knows how to open the fridge and doors that's another story. If one decides to dare eat anthing in my house with jam in or on it they must never let their guard down and remain on high alert at all costs. My nephew learned this then hard way over Easter when his jelly donut went missing and was later found on my down stairs neighbors blacony.

  25. I am factually scream laughing right now. I love your cat so much 🤣🤣🤣❤️

  26. I think he still got hurt, but mostly emotionally

  27. Not having context is the best part, me and my wife play a game called “daughter or date” all the time when we go out.

  28. Yes in the context of types of food that is eaten. I should have probably added the word "things" or a similar word to that sentence. But tbh I thought that should be pretty clear from the context.

  29. You're fine, I was commenting about the comment in response to the response to your comment. It's all good.😂

  30. Oh okay, I'm a bit overwhelmed by the amount of people who seemingly don't understand what I was actually trying to say. 😂

  31. Meh don't worry about it, Reddit will make you crazy if you let it. You clarified.

  32. I got that piercing clench in my jaw just thinking about that tangy, sharp taste.

  33. Umami for the win (I know it isn't truly umami, but it makes my salivary glands react exactly the same way).

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