1. I love this. Will definitely be implementing some of the strategies you use here into my own Bojo I really like the layout of the Habit calendars. This is really well done.

  2. Some of mine I’ve done this year: (I would be happy to share pics if you need some inspo!) -Space -board games/card games -casino -food -fruits

  3. I really like the drawing. I noticed in your calendar you didn't put the days in any order. September starts on a Friday but when you look at yours it looks like it starts on a Monday. If its not bothering you then go for it, I was mostly curious why you did it that way. Great cover page though

  4. I was having trouble figuring out how to add the Calendar as it’s mainly for decoration. My calendar on the next page which will be my official calendar will be way more accurate and usable for the month.

  5. Un what if I'm in a puoc area like a school, or a mall for example, what if I'm with friends?

  6. It’s complicated. The Creatures can alter a persons memories. They will have the same personality except The creatures, will bend their memory. So they remember you as a horrible person. They will try to hurt you but they’re are ways to bring there memories back.

  7. Man I just wanted to chill nkt get stalked by freaking evil Chuck Noris

  8. I react by whatever button the kid playing with my SIM pushes

  9. The kid playing my Sim is just mashing buttons at this point TBH

  10. Wait what is the purpose of this sub? I thought it was like half human half relatable? But I’m kind of new here lol

  11. I would be concerned if my child was melting.

  12. Also not appropriate to bring your crotch goblin onto a plane and subject 200 other people to 6 hours of torture.

  13. I mean, what should I do then don’t give me wrong. I hate it too but like how many alternatives are there?

  14. No later than 13 I think. It is basically an essential item for daily life.

  15. I’m not a fan of the shape, but that’s very subjective and that green shade looks like puke but they are even and shiny, they don’t look home done imo

  16. I want to Preface this by saying I didn’t think this would get nearly as popular as it did. But because it did, I want to clear some things up.

  17. I know this is late but extras Stick shape is simply superior. The thinner but wider pieces of gum. Just make for a happier, chewing experience. Not only that, but it gives you the placebo effect of feeling like you’re chewing more gum. Extra is the better brand.

  18. You didn't update it but I can't complain

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