[OC] 40 Years of Music Formats

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ANTI-LGBTQ group Focus on the Family's (based in Colorado Springs) sign on Thanksgiving Day.

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  1. Well, we were as well geared as a nation of people that haven't been to war for over 200 years, being a bunch of barely out of school child ren could be during an excercise.

  2. Not every german and not directly but a majority of the population, indirectly, yes.

  3. Because the universe does not meet the conditions required for Poincare recurrence to apply.

  4. Half of the shit we were told about covid in the beginning was wrong. Who cares. Think for yourself. Do you need someone curating your news telling you what's good and bad. Make the decision for yourself.

  5. I had this problem once before. Hold the power button on your computer for 10 seconds and once it shuts off, throw it in the garbage. There’s no going back, you’ve damaged your computer by merging your VSTs with your disk. Time to start from scratch with a new setup.

  6. Your whole house might be contaminated, better burn it down just to be sure.

  7. He needs to ask for his money back because it ain'tworking.

  8. tbf he's also working really hard on ruining any potential good image.

  9. Pretty much, but the "socialism" in Nordic countries is not central planning, it's market capitalism + sensible regulations, good social safety nets, strong unions etc. I wish people would stop using the word socialism for this

  10. It could also just be the acoustics of the room or a poor setup (or both) leading to lack of separation between instruments. A terrible reverby room that reflects sound everywhere could also fit your description: the sound would all kinda be mushed together and it would make it really hard to distinguish instruments from each other. (musicians/engineers call this type of audio muddy)

  11. Its seems like you might not understand understand the science of sound enough to have a conversation about recording a 22.05kHz signal. Or how a digital signal records sound.

  12. Please feel free to actually refute anything I said, rather than just repeatedly say I don't understand the science of sound without providing any arguments. Maybe the rest of us will learn something.

  13. There is still very little CO2 in the atmosphere in absolute terms (even though it's more than enough to be a problem from a climate perspective). This makes it difficult and expensive (in terms of both money and energy) to extract it, though I'd imagine sourcing it from Venus would be much harder still.

  14. It would be easier to extract CO2 from Venus because it’s atmosphere is mostly just CO2. It’s really easy to make things float in the atmosphere of Venus because it’s thicker than ours. So a inflatable plant or manufacturing hub on Venus is definitely plausible. We just have no infrastructure in space yet. Such as a moon base for refueling and space manufacturing plants because building things in space is very easy if you can solve the not dying part.

  15. Extracting it isn't really the problem, though it would certainly pose huge engineering challenges in itself. However, shipping it to Earth would require a good chunk of the delta-v of launching stuff from Earth's surface, except you have no solid surface, no supply chains for building or refueling spacecraft, no people to work on it. Building in space is certainly not "very easy if you can solve the not dying part". Building stuff is hard enough even in remote places on Earth like Antarctica or deserts, and over there you have an atmosphere and it's also thousands, not hundreds of millions of km away.

  16. SQL is a language used to "talk to" databases. It allows you to (among many other things) ask the database for data, add data, or to tell it to delete data. For example, the form in the screenshot above might have a query (a bit of SQL code) that inserts your answers into the database. This might look a bit like:

  17. The difference is that they are intolerant of things somebody can’t control. Being gay. Being a minority. Etc.

  18. Nah because if your sexual orientation really was a choice it would still be perfectly okay to choose to be gay. The important part imo is you're living your life without hurting anyone.

  19. But they would also argue that being gay is fact hurting someone, as seen by the opposition to gay adoption because it's apparently bad for children to grow up with same sex parents.

  20. Well some people would also argue that the Earth is flat; some people are just morons, we don't have to pander to morons.

  21. I don't think so. Not much was available there in early 90s. So they wear what their parents could get

  22. The existence of NATO is the reason for the mess that is happening in 2022. If there were no NATO, Europe would not have supported the illegal coup in Kiev in 2014 and there would have been no war. It's very simple.

  23. If there were no NATO, Eastern Europe would have been under the Russian Empire 3.0 at the moment.

  24. What's funny is that the Russians see themselves as the "fathers of all Slavs" but they...

  25. It is one thing to consider what mechanisms of language are shaped by social considerations -- that's a focus of sociolinguistics -- but it's something different to consider the rhetoric people communicate with (or rhetorical changes people make), and that would fall within metalinguistics (consider, for instance, we as English speakers can learn the rhetorical styles of Roman orators, without changing much about the structure of an English sentence). So by "elites have saturated the present lingua franca with deceptive rhetoric", could you think of any examples?

  26. 'Unnecessary' is a term you shouldn't bring out so lightly.

  27. Are you about to bring out the "Russia was forced to invade" narrative?

  28. No bro. Big bang is responsible for everything, had the universe never spawn we would never ever have come to this situation... /s

  29. Accidents happen in war. This is a war of aggression that was completely unnecessary and launched by Russia alone, so in my book any accidents that happen are Russia's fault.

  30. True, but reddit is a cesspool. I think American scientists do when their counterparts in China have a notable achievement, like when they landed a rover on the far side of the moon, or when they had a robotic sample retrieval a while back.

  31. I can't imagine the average weibo/whatever comment is much better tbh. I think social media just be like that

  32. Calling them disinformed is generous, the alternative is they are straight up fascists.

  33. I think your last paragraph is really the crux of the whole misuse of cultural appropriation. Keyboard warriors love to be offended on behalf of someone else, even when they have no idea of how that culture may care or perceive things.

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