1. Sense of taste can definitely vary from day to day. After doing some guided tastings I've started to keep dark chocolate, toffees and small snips of vanilla bean (just to pinch in-between your teeth before tasting, not eat) on hand at the house. It's amazing how a small bite of dark chocolate will totally change your perception of a neat pour. There are whiskeys I find harsh if I go in with an un-prepped palate but after a tiny bite of toffee will be smooth as hell.

  2. Thanks for the night shot man. Is it just wired to the fuse?

  3. Sounds like my 1.8 T. Just depressing the gas causes a jolt and another jolt when I press it again. The mechanic said I was crazy

  4. Apparently a train runs through there.

  5. He has his own power washing business you guys! He could make $500 today and $250 tomorrow!

  6. I have 5% sides, I would suggest no more than 15%

  7. To be fair… the state of California couldnt sell the idea of him being a killing machine to a jury either.

  8. Is that Canadian smoke haunting you guys too?

  9. I'm having this issue now with a parking ticket I got on 05/14/23 still not showing up

  10. Very different from what I usually see with the eggs. Also my rice always sticks to the Wok

  11. If your rice is always sticking to the wok, it might be for a couple of reasons:

  12. I only watched because I was expecting someone to get hit.

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