Vision of Gabriel!

This goes a long way to restore my faith in the people of Earth

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  1. He looks like the drunk relative who shows up unannounced at family dinners and weddings.

  2. “Your mother wears combat boots” . Lol that darn bugs bunny

  3. I moved from Nebraska in 2022. During the last two years I lived there, the state went from conservative to John Birch Society/ Posse Commitatus /Qanon conservative.

  4. I read a tweet suggesting that the appropriate response is to pretend you’ve never heard of Harvard, then guess that it’s a small community college.

  5. There’s a little town in Nebraska called Harvard. I can honestly say I’ve been to Harvard.

  6. He’s been Christian the whole time and has known I’m not. His reasoning was that after we got engaged he started thinking more about his future and kids and realized his faith is more important than he originally thought.

  7. “Make me Christian “? That’s disrespectful on his part. I think you dodged a tactical nuke there.

  8. I am pro-death penalty only if the crime is heinous (like in the case of Jeffrey Dahmer).

  9. Beautiful. Scary as hell. The eyes are the most horrifying I’ve seen in a long time. I like the different take - werewolves aren’t Twilight pretty boys.

  10. Fruitcake. And I am the only person I have ever known who does.

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