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Post Match Thread: Argentina 1-2 Saudi Arabia | FIFA World Cup

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  1. Remember not to buy drugs kids, become a pop star and they give them to you for free!!

  2. If all other reasoning falls on deaf ears on why you absolutely should vote, then remember one simple thing:

  3. Not really related to the plot and I'm not sure how opinionated it really is, but since the majority seem to think the opposite:

  4. Can Rice do anything except pass the ball backwards? Even sideways would be acceptable.

  5. Yep lol just ignored the ref after and carried on staying on the field love it

  6. It's me or this is the first host eliminated in just 2 matches?

  7. They haven't "officially" been eliminated yet (although they'd need a 6 goal swing to go through). If Netherlands and Ecuador draw then they can't finish in the top 2.

  8. Being on at 1PM can't have helped UK viewing figures, what time was the England v Tunisia match again?

  9. Seems to me that Westeros is way far advanced medically than anytime during middle ages. People understand that infection is a problem and use items with antibacterial properties.

  10. I think George has said that this is intentional. After all, a lot more people in the series should be dying of infections and diseases, but that doesn't make for a good story. So yeah it's a bit unrealistic, but it's probably for the best.

  11. The main problem I have with ASOIAF from this perspective is the size of Westeros. It's too big to be so empty (and it links your remark about linguistic diversity)

  12. It does seem underdeveloped compared to medieval Europe in the Late Middle Ages, there should be far more roads, towns and villages. Although maybe a lot of them just don't appear on maps.

  13. I love how they framed the exposition of this. Have the first shadow baby kill Renly from Catelyn's POV so the reader joins her in going "what the fuck". Then we get the horrifying reveal with the second shadow baby, and we know what's gonna happen to See Cortnay Penrose without needing a POV in Storm's End.

  14. I may be the only person in the world that likes Cars 2 way, way more than the original movie.

  15. Now my favorite time has begun: everyone is a national team coach, knows exactly what players to take and leave out and has world class tactical knowledge

  16. It's the same whenever there's a big boxing match on. Suddenly everyone's an expert.

  17. It'll be interesting to see how speed runs develop without the ability to disable animations. Choice of moves and even the Pokémon that can use them might depend on who learns moves with quicker animations.

  18. This is Hotpie Targaryen slander

  19. West Ham have barely played on a Saturday for 2 seasons now, we've long since set the PL record for longest time without a Saturday 3pm. Finally there's a slot with no Europe / Cup games the week prior and they put us on a fucking MONDAY? With Europe (away in Romania) on Thursday?!

  20. I feel that. We haven't got a home 3pm Saturday kick-off until January 21st now. Pretty glad I decided against a season ticket this year if that's the way the schedule is going to be.

  21. His jizz will end up in there somewhere don't you worry. But he won't be paying any support for this next one

  22. It's controversial because Leicester fans seem to love him but the fact Dewsbury Hall is nailed on 90 minutes every week sums up Leicester current situation.

  23. Had a clear cut pass to Maddison towards the end there but decides to blast it into 3 defenders. If he could make better decisions under pressure that would've been a comfortable 3 points for Leicester.

  24. At the time I thought Lee Bowyer was unjustified but seeing what Eustace is getting out of this squad and hearing he’d completely lost the dressing room has changed that.

  25. It was obvious that Bowyer had lost the dressing room when we lost 6-1 to Blackpool and he was sat outside at half time.

  26. His predecessor as Sheffield Hallam MP (Richard Allan) already worked for Facebook. Besides that it's difficult to deny that Clegg's CV pre-politics is actually pretty impressive in itself FT Journalist, European Commission, EU Policy Advisor to a Commissioner. The man has connections all over Europe, and that's before he became Deputy PM.

  27. Makes sense he has connections all over Europe, he speaks like 7 languages, I think most of our brains would break before we were able to learn that many.

  28. To me I don’t see Sam dying. Victarion, The Bolton’s, and oddly Jaime I think are all going to die. I know a lot of the fanbase don’t think Jaime will die but I don’t see how it’s possible that he could survive encountering LSH. I also am holding out hope that Barristan somehow survives, I would like for him and Dany to have a conversation about her Targaryen family history.

  29. Personally I think Barristan will defect to fAegon and die in King's Landing when the wildfire caches get set off. I don't know if that will happen in TWOW with the pace the series has been going at though.

  30. The Tories are ideological past the point of sense on the issue of cannabis. Remember when Theresa May tried to alter the results of a study into the correlation between tough anti-drug laws and drug use because she didn't like the results?

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