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  1. It’s gonna make cars like the banana superlight and the furai hard to obtain and max, but personally I support the changes

  2. A bit of cash would not do much for me, the token would probably help me max another epic or even leggy

  3. as a non owner of this, im very happy its going up

  4. You good bro? Dunno if I'm reading into anything but head up king👑

  5. Salty to this day missing out on the birdcage by 1 key/token whatever it was. My motorsport garage is absolutely stacked and i couldnt even attempt it :(

  6. I hope not, then it would just be like some of the other bad 65 RQ cars

  7. You’re lucky Still broken for me at 740 days same with the 200mph achievement too.

  8. Either the rules or someone got sick of my antics and reported me. Probably the latter 😂

  9. You bothered nobody, don’t worry but I would restart you account and whoever banned you has to touch some grass

  10. Wasn't listening to reason, boasting about making bad choices, a 3 day ban for spam seemed pretty fair to me and it's obviously made him rethink which is good

  11. They are wrong buy it this update and until next update you could just save more cash

  12. I’m very sorry it looked that way but I do not deny any genocide weather it is Armenians or Greeks

  13. Might boy have very good OLA (Off the Line Acceleration) and it is like a rocket, I don’t think this car has as good OLA

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