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  1. I wonder if they pulled it out of Representative Lauren Boebert’s 4th point of contact????

  2. Come visit my store, I will be more than willing to fit you for something you’ll enjoy. 😉

  3. Make a video of you flashing all over the vacation area. Let people see where you are and maybe be recognized.

  4. If everyone drops Netflix and stops watching those horrible Marvel movies….prices will roll back. Does RDJ really deserve 25. Million a movie? Come one…..

  5. Enough Marvel movies. You comic nerds need to put down your underroos, put on a suit, shave, and go find a partner. Hollywood needs to come up with some original ideas and stop embracing this fluff.

  6. I’d love to have dinner with the two of you and flirt. At least you’ll get a great fuck out of it.

  7. I am a Democrat and I wish Nancy Pelosi would just go away. She had been around too long, she’s complacent, has no original ideas, and is just as much part of the problem as MTG, AOC, and all the other famous politicians.

  8. That’s funny, you think I’m not going to throw you on the bed and ravage your entire body before I even think about sliding inside of you.

  9. Why are you becoming Americanized…..please stop this. We Americans like to leave our crazy country and visit countries that know how to act properly.

  10. There’s Father’s Day in the UK??? I assumed it was just another pretentious American “holiday”? Huh who knew.

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