1. It’s wonderful that your little one was loved right to the end. What a beautiful story.

  2. Thank you ❤️ knowing he was loved and cared for in his very last moments makes me smile through the tears, he was never alone

  3. I replicated the picatinny rail to be printed if you're interested, comes with bolts

  4. Are you offering the files? If so, I am very interested in those!

  5. No, ill print it for you I really dont want to distribute the file since I'm trying to recoup some of the cost from collecting for this thing lol

  6. It's 1/4in steel bearings. You can also use airsoft plastic bbs if that gets you around the law.

  7. not how the law works in our country. Maybe a different country would be more to your liking.

  8. I'm an avid believer in chopping fingers off for theft too

  9. 1st one I tried was like trying to suck a golf ball through a garden hose, same story with the 2nd one. Gave up on that brand

  10. That would have been a hard pass from me at that price if it was the standard blued model. Only way I would even think 1K was if it was a new stainless one with extra mags, or a early open bolt version.

  11. Yeah thats def a steal. Are parts hard to come by for these?

  12. Fuck that, I'm gonna start my ffl paperwork and I will only do transfers $30 a pop....I'm tired of these shops charging so much... I'm going to call it Undercut Armory, I'll be Gloucester county amd I'm looking g forward to doing business with you all.

  13. My brother lives in Jersey and is awaiting for his pistol to clear that egregious process they make you go through to even own a pistol. Besides that, he said the qualifying course did not allow any optics besides the iron sights. I see you have a dot, do you know something he and I don't?

  14. Place I went didn't care what your gun had on it. He must of went to a Fudd run place

  15. I carry in PA and Delaware already so really it's just upgrading what I got lol

  16. I really like my “thou shall not be named” lol

  17. Can you pm me the name which shall not be named? Kinda curious

  18. Well I mean the sights aint lined up perfectly 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  19. They are cowitnessing tho (they clear the back of the red dot) I guess maybe you are asking about absolute cowitness vs lower third cowitness? These look to be lower third (which is what I’d prefer since they leave more of the glass/view clear.

  20. Gotcha, yeah lower is what I'd want so these are exactly what I'm looking for

  21. Unfortunately, any price you see is way too much money as far as I'm concerned. I still have around 8 kg 99 or TEC-9s and all were bought before '03 and I just shake my head at the pricing today. I would never in the day give any more than $350 for a kg 99, $300 for a TEC-9.

  22. There's a gun show coming up in PA, if they have a regular tec 9 I may have my girlfriend buy it since she lives in PA and keep it at her place until our assault weapons ban gets overturned then transfer it to me.

  23. Evan Nappen the kinda guy I want on my team if I need a lawyer but not teaching my class

  24. He also believes aows, shockwaves, and other legal firearms are illegal

  25. Based on the recent Bruen SCOTUS case, laws effecting the 2A need to be based on Text, History and Tradition. This judge has given the progun side a temporary strike down of a MSR (AW) law because our case is very strong and likely to win.

  26. Looking into it, it looks like the ruling just says that New York doesn’t have the right The determine if you satisfy the question as to why you want to be able to carry a handgun concealed. I don’t really see how that has any bearing on New Jersey from intentionally denying everyone who applies for a license. Regardless of valid reason or not, NJ has traditionally just denied anyone anyway. If NJ is continuing to do that, it would take another law suit to get them to stop denying people the right to carry.

  27. There are people being approved now who wouldn't have a few weeks ago. I'll get it because our governor doesn't like lawsuits

  28. Well that’s great then. Now, if only they’d let out-of-staters get them, or offer some reciprocity…

  29. True to everyone’s word, nothing but amazing. Retention and comfort is fantastic.

  30. I was looking at options and what's the "wedge"? Is that their version of a claw

  31. Wedge is a foam pad that sticks behind the holster. It’s meant for better concealment like the claw but vertically. I bought the size pack and decided to use the medium wedge.

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