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Megathread: FBI Reportedly Discovers Classified Documents in Monday's Raid on Mar-a-Lago

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  1. I am not sure about the ship but I have the castle and I think it's fantastic. Well designed and has useful, non-specialized parts.

  2. Arminius-D was so much fun. 900rpm SMGs don't even come close to how awesome 900rpm Auto Rifles were in D1, because the ARs had 70+ rounds in a mag. You could let those things rip.

  3. Aw that sounds fun, sounds so much better than petty 720rpm

  4. Yeah. None of the Destiny weapons shoot really, really fast. Some of the fastest IRL SMGs fire at 1000-1200rpm. And something like a minigun can hit 3,000rpm.

  5. A lot of kids running around in GTA Online are too young for the M rating. They're also full of crap.

  6. Majisto can't be beat. That guy fuckin rules. Funny little cape, huge beard, and a glow-in-the-dark wand. I mean, shit. A fancy torso print can't outclass that.

  7. I think 600 autos have the same base ttk as rapid fire pulses. I think what autos need is just a bit more forgiveness. It's a super delicate balance though because their ttk was the same during the auto meta. It was just super easy and forgiving to hit the optimal ttk.

  8. Yeah it's annoying that there's precision weapons like HCs and Scouts where you pretty much 100% have to hit headshots to compete or you'll get outgunned every time, and then there's Auto Rifles which are somewhat forgiving, but I find I still lose gunfights even when my aim is good and I'm hitting headshots. And if you aren't hitting headshots, you will usually lose.

  9. ? Wait is that the price at all Costco's for the classic space? How is it like half off already

  10. They're not talking about the Galaxy Explorer, they're talking about the "Classic" set (AKA the basic bricks boxes) that happens to be space themed.

  11. The irony being it's likely only one of several crimes he committed in office. Just, you know, the worst one.

  12. All the rest have either been sufficiently covered up, or the investigations/other processes were obstructed enough so that he hasn't been indicted for anything yet.

  13. Bows in particular really surprised me with how weak their scaling is.

  14. I never see much appreciation for godrick, I think he’s a cool fight and him on the fly grafting a freaking dragon head to himself is pretty damn epic

  15. Godrick is a great boss- I find that his moveset and mechanics are pretty fair. The biggest criticism I think you could make is that it's easy to avoid pretty much all of his moves once you are familiar with the fight. He's just not that tough, and you can trash him once you know the moveset.

  16. The main point I was trying to make was that he is easier compared to other Major bosses. But I've also fought him the most times out of all the major bosses, because I've made a few new characters that haven't progressed that far, and only beaten the whole game on 1 guy.

  17. Building a classic themed set using the old ways? Seems like the best solution to me.

  18. There were no classic sets with that many parts. I'm too old to prolong my builds by mixing all the parts. My back hurts after hunching over a build for a couple hours

  19. Interesting multiplayer is what keeps the game relevant and alive. And that goes for co-op and PvP. I think it makes a lot of sense to pay attention to those aspects of the game. But also, I think if FromSoft really, really cared about those things, there would be more consideration for PvP, like arenas and maybe even dedicated servers.

  20. There's so many lonely little shacks and cars out there in the desert. Nice pic.

  21. These people think Trump is the savior of humanity. The greatest thing that ever happened to politics or this country. I cannot fathom how we got to this place. It’s mind boggling.

  22. It helps when you have the "secret sauce"of right-wing media that will bend over backwards to defend Trump and the GOP, so they get no scrutiny from their voters.

  23. This is why I think we need more original LEGO themes. I find Monkie Kid and Ninjago to be a tad too similar, but aside from basic themes like City and Creator, they are the only original themes to be had.

  24. Ninjago has become Lego's catch all for new independent themes. You want an Atlantis theme? Ninjago did that last year with an underwater line of sets. Maybe it's because independent themes don't sell well if they don't brand it under Ninjago with characters kids will recognize.

  25. They're both Asian inspired and have wacky vehicles like mechs and big cars and stuff, with a combination of sci-fi and fantasy elements. So they are pretty similar but still distinct.

  26. TBH I am trying to finish the catalyst kill requirement, and since it's buffed it's just a good time for it.

  27. You should have grinded it out during momentum control, it'll one tap to the head

  28. I did get a lot of kills that way, but TBH I am not very good so overall, still slow going. I'm on the last 50 kills though

  29. That’s why I held off on ordering on Lego when I can go to the actual store.

  30. I ordered on release night because I wanted the Forestmen's Hideout. If it weren't for that, I would have been fine because I could have gotten the Galaxy Explorer, my #1 priority, at the store. They had plenty when I checked in a few days after release. I suppose it wasn't as wildly popular as I thought.

  31. I didn’t get the Forestmen’s Hideout despite ordering the new castle at first opportunity, was quite sad

  32. That was because the castle released a few days after Aug 1st right? A real shame for Castle fans that the Hideout set GWP ran out in a day. I like both Castle and Space, so I ordered the Galaxy Explorer and a few extras to fill out the $150 threshold. And I'm glad I did because the GWP went so quick.

  33. I like that in Creator sets, they usually have brick-built animals, which is appropriate for the Creator theme, and the idea of making new things with the parts. Instead of getting something that can only be a shark, you get parts that can be a shark, or something else. I think that's really awesome.

  34. Threatening the lives of federal agents seems like an intelligent response

  35. Every time they get a threat they're probably saying "great, more work".

  36. This reads like a joke, but if this dude is serious...what an idiot

  37. It has unique strong attacks, but since they take longer to perform they probably aren't technically better than the basic curved sword moveset in any way. I'm not sure how the Flowing Sword's strong attacks compare to those of a Scimitar for damage and stance break, TBH, but the lengthy animations alone make the Flowing Sword's moves riskier and probably worse overall.

  38. It would help if you could i-frame through a bleed attack in PvP and not recieve the status buildup. That was a problem all the way back in Dark Souls 1. I don't know what kind of spaghetti code lets that happen, you'd think it would be like "did the attack land and deal damage? -> Yes. -> Apply status buildup on successful hit"

  39. I used a flail as my primary weapon for about half of the game and it seemed pretty good. Its heavy attack on horseback is really good against dragons, anyway.

  40. I think they work okay, but the disconnect for me is that they feel significantly slower than a straight sword, but deal only slightly higher damage. I think that's the problem with all of those 3 weapon classes, they should either be a bit faster, or hit harder, but they seem to be in a place where they aren't that good at anything in particular, aside from dealing Strike damage for the Hammers and Flails.

  41. The nice thing about them is that they scale with dex, so it's easy to keep one in the inventory for when you need it if you are going with a dex sword build. It's great for the annoying open world enemies like lobsters, crabs, and land squids because you can circle them on horseback and hold the strong attack button for easy hits. You can also hit multiple times with other weapons, but it seems harder to me.

  42. That's true. My first build was a DEX build, and I used the Nightrider Flail plenty when I needed strike damage. But on enemies who weren't particularly weak to strike, it just felt okay.

  43. What I found helped me the most is smart positioning. If you run in carelessly, you'll die again and again. The other thing is knowing when to bail. If you peek a corner and see more than 1 enemy guardian looking at you, you should just duck out and disengage.

  44. Build a naval base in the land locked mountains they will be really successful they said.

  45. From my understanding, it's an Air Force Station, not a naval base, and it was a cold-war era Radar post that scanned for hostile aircraft.

  46. Will be putting in for a replacement!

  47. Yeah for some reason misprinted otherwise defective parts are sought after by certain folks.

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