1. I followed the guide "AngBata 11" posted onto their YouTube channel a year ago, They go into details about a lot of LBG sets, Which LBGs excell for each ammo type, and gives 5 different LBG builds for various ammo types/play styles.

  2. Makes me want to finish my elemental dual blades sets.

  3. Just for your information, the eye icon on monsters on the map in rise doesn't function the same as in world. It indicates monsters awareness to hunters and not enrage status.

  4. I get that but some monsters have easy tells for enrage, Diablos for example has black smoke coming out of his mouth, Rathalos/Rathian have fire around their mouth, they keep these traits through 90% of the hunt.

  5. Ice seemed very slow paced, I usually like to play like a glass cannon per se.

  6. For glass cannon you'd probably want something like Storm or Fire. Those are the main damaging schools and your general hitters.

  7. If you're wanting a new pet to chase or just getting tired of your own and already have a triple double here's a few you can go for.

  8. Even though you have a life mastery amulet you need a new stat called Archmastery to actually cast the spell.

  9. What jewel would be best would be highly dependant on what your pet gets at mega.

  10. Mighty can be crafted from a recipe from the petshop in the pet pavilion, it can be a major pain to craft though.

  11. A bit of a silly question but I can’t seem to find a clear answer on the wiki, but with the all bundle gauntlets like the unforgiven dead, krok one and sinbad one, they can be done as many times as possible right?

  12. I bought the unforgiven Dead gauntlet bundle off their website and can farm it freely.

  13. I have a triple double gloomy eye if you still need to hatch with one

  14. The polar bear wearing the Viking hat? I'm pretty sure I have one at adult

  15. I can be on now or later tonight, whichever works for you.

  16. Been happening me too, It's like the friends list just double clicks for no reason and has teleported me into situations I should not be in lol.

  17. Hey! Is there by any chance you could help me hatch with you to get your traits? Your pet is my dream pet

  18. I'm actually on right now, Assisting someone with Morganthe! Have a friend code?

  19. Why is reindeer knight just a better version of deer knight now, When it was originally a death spell. What.

  20. Do you eat plastic? DK is a death need, only low pip aoe. Not niche at all.

  21. Ship of fools exists, and IIRC you can farm spellements for it from a Celestia Boss called Drowned Dan.

  22. Thought I would like Spore Warden till I saw the ability... Super boring with no impact or satisfaction from use. Thought it would be like an equippable for a couple shots.

  23. I feel you, I forget I have an action skill at times and even respecced at one point and played for 3 levels before seeing I didn't select one.

  24. I'm not gonna lie, Melee Brr-Zerker felt so... Weak. Got one to level 20 playing pure melee before deciding to reroll classes to spore warden and I'm just breezing through the game now.

  25. No it definitely does and trust me it does not smell pleasant.

  26. Its in a chest, You can just run by everything.

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