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  1. After season3 or 4, everything became essentially the same over-arching story

  2. Don't forget every season, most of the team quits because Oliver is a control freak and doesn't trust anyone, then there's a big scene where he realizes the error of his ways, apologizes and says we'll work as a team from now on.

  3. This must depend on location, In central Wisconsin they are raised as steers and sent to market.

  4. It happens with cattle everywhere other than Reddit.

  5. Honest question, how is the Vikings D this year? I didn't watch them all season. Who's D is better, Giants or Vikings?

  6. 3rd worst in the league. By far worst in the playoffs. See all the "fire Donatell" comments. Ed Donatell is the defensive coordinator and needs to go.

  7. Anyone else having issues with the thread sorting by best?

  8. That's why I stopped using the Reddit app. Get a 3rd party Reddit browser and you can still sort how you want.

  9. Part of owning percussion revolvers is replacing springs every so often. At some point your hand spring is also going to break.

  10. Not BBI, but do the "From a Different Sky" quests in the basement of the pawn guild. Save the tokens and every time you do NG+ just load them up in your inventory and go to the quest board and get tons of free rift crystals.

  11. I really like the portcrystal system. It forces you to explore the world and experience the dangers while being stuck in the wilderness, but then as you progress you can add your fast travel locations and you get more of them the more you play. After a second NG+ fast travel isn't an issue, but by then you've explored everything and had those experiences of being stuck out in the wilderness.

  12. Yes they are not a camera company. Wait till you find out about all the different companies involved in a single car.

  13. Even if they were, it still wouldn't be a big deal. Several big name camera companies use Sony sensors in various models.

  14. A depth base is an add on that works in conjunction with the depth "rod". It allows you to measure the depth of a bigger opening than just the base of the caliper alone.

  15. Also their treatment of workers and support of genocide.

  16. And aggressive enforcement of their copyrights and trademarks while they rip off as much IP as they can. And their generally shitty treatment of artists.

  17. Holy shit this game is going to give me a heart attack.

  18. If you built your town in a place outside of any other jurisdiction where murder is illegal, then it could work. I'm not aware of a place on earth that would be possible...

  19. But like using rabbit meat as burger meat would make it the least fattening burger, right? And that’s not enough to poison you, right?

  20. It's just really lean protein. If you were trying to cut calories by eating less fat, then yes it's a good choice of protein. There are other lean proteins though too.

  21. If you can verify that the items were never sold at a higher price you can start a class action lawsuit. Punitive damages can be substantial.

  22. I saw this at 10 or 11 years old - way too young. This scene in particular fucked me up for years. I would always be looking to the west just waiting for a flash.

  23. This is a repost of an old video. Op has no idea whose property or package it is.

  24. Yes, everything is possible if you have money.

  25. So a bunch of red tape for non-exclusive access to 1 acre of land?

  26. A couple of months ago I read a deal that said jojoba oil is the closest modern equivalent to what would have been used in the 1800s for gun oil. I picked up a jug, and so far it seems to be working well.

  27. Of the 3 that have been available in the US for the last say 10 years Goex is the worst, Schuetzen is middle and Swiss is best. I've gone over to Swiss and won't go back if I can help it...

  28. Old Eynsford as made by Goex, and is on par with Swiss. It's night and day better than the regular red can Goex.

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