1. That team would not compete. This off-season we need to address the short term catcher, first base, add a legitimate sp, and overhaul the pen. All that plus progression and best case were looking at a 2012 type season

  2. Makes me think of frank in shameless after a night with Sheila

  3. Dude posts about a $1000 donation and you're upset because he made a joke about football stats?

  4. Not convinced that Perez ends up coming back. Wouldn't mind going with Delay and an off-season pickup until Endy is ready

  5. There is quite literally zero chance this is the case. Hayes has a strangle hold in third. Castro getting some time there is nothing more than trying to get him in the lineup a bit and give Hayes some time off too.

  6. I think part of the reason we seem worse is how many times we've had to see the replay of Allen coming up short against Tennessee last year. Can't even count how many times I've seen that this past week

  7. Rooks made some good plays yesterday. But I have been saying this since preseason.

  8. I seriously cannot wait for Edmunds to leave in free agency, weakest link in this defense and it's really not even close

  9. Was just writing the same thing. Would much rather it age poorly than well

  10. I think I got in his head right there. Will accept down votes, aged poorly off the bat.

  11. In spain for most of the season so the earlier the better, that rams game was tough in the schedule

  12. Miami should be taken seriously. They derve a lot of credit for the comeback. That being said, it seemed to be much more of an indictment of a Baltimores defense playing horribly than Miamis offense playing especially well.

  13. You can choose the team but it’s an insanely low chance for a sig. Massive scam

  14. Literally zero chance of this happening any time soon, no need to worry

  15. Didn't get to watch the game but I couldn't have had any less faith in New England than I did coming into this season because of their offense - the new roles for Patricia and Judge are flat out stupid. This only reinforces that and I'll judge the Dolphins when they play a real opponent.

  16. I don't know the exact dates for sure but don't think any of those guys are eligible for a vintage - vintage are only pre 2000

  17. Doesn’t seem right as they can claim again and again when I submitted a claim all 3 times.

  18. In real life teams don't move down after claiming someone, order is locked in place in reverse standings

  19. Think it's pretty clearly McCloud, Hodgins, Howard

  20. The most shocking part is they didn't grab someone who was in camp with another team. Usually there's at least a couple guys who they poach for the PS from around the league.

  21. They still have three spots so it'll probably still happen

  22. If someone else signs OJ Howard, does that mean they cover his salary and clears up some cap space?

  23. Nope, only wat bills could have gotten out of sime of the dead cap was trade

  24. All the things that others have said plus he plays hlwveru phase of special teams

  25. Good chance that he's the guy they bring back once some guys are put on the IR

  26. Doubtful, most teams have a “hodgins” that already know their system that they already had to cut, not to mention a decent crop of veteran receivers that are going to be available. Last year only one of our cuts were claimed and that was McCloud, who ended up back with us on the PS like two weeks later.

  27. I think we're in the unique situation where we're more likely to get poached from because of the Giants GM and HC are our old guys and have a pretty bad roster

  28. You have to go into league settings and enable advanced options in order to enable waivers and dfa

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