1. The promotion for M3GAN was the most impressive I've seen in a long time. It's a great movie and it deserves all of its success, I'm so happy horror is thriving financially.

  2. i am praying they do something similar with bunch of people dressed as GF invading NYC metro and times square

  3. cut hospital scenes. too many makes me not want to rewatch the movie bc when i think of Scream 2022 all i can think ab are hospital scenes like mothing else comes to mind

  4. Not a horror film, but one of the dares in Nerve (2016 film starring Emma Roberts and set in New York) is for the character to cross a ladder between two buildings, and it’s shot similarly.

  5. why would they ever end. they can make as many movies as they want in the future since scream has a simple formula; costume, calls, stalking, motives, killing, final girl.

  6. I think it may just be the the way the light bounces of the knife. If you look closely all of the knives are a slightly different color, not sure tho

  7. but it’s pitch black it can’t be. also i am not alluding on anything just pointing out

  8. No I understand but if you zoom in on Josh Segarra’s character his blade is completely black as well. It’s just that you can only clearly see the the tip since the rest blends with the dark gloves.

  9. josh segarra’s knife is positioned in the whole different way. while tara’s knife is positioned the same like other characters

  10. You're pretty!! but can u upload your selfie make-up free? so we can see it clearly whether u look like her or not :D

  11. The fact that we have to say it.. that look is more a resigned look when someone is about to seal their fate.. or something. To me she's communicating to her sister "it's ok, do what you have to do".

  12. there’s probably some other company that is going to pick it up. wasn’t old gossip girl also made by one production and then another one picked it up

  13. guy in the tub. theres only one character with that hair in the movie

  14. someone said that might be gale holding onto someone by the color of her nails. but i don’t understand why is tara there

  15. Same, not gonna watch vid’s dissecting it either because I don’t want potential spoilers 😅 So excited for March!!

  16. The bit where Sam's holding the aged mask looks late into the film, maybe even after the third act? She's bloodied and sweaty.

  17. i think after. they look sweaty and tara’s makeup looks like she’s been crying

  18. It’s 2:05 PM in Europe already - where’s the trailer 🤷🏻‍♂️

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