1. Why can't ppl like both? Lol As far as who Robert should be with, I say Holly.

  2. i have no idea! i was just very taken aback by the anna vs holly division esp after it’s been revealed that holly framed anna. i wasn’t sure if it was just a recent thing, related to how both were in a relationship/history with robert, or it’s just alliances with the characters. i was just curious why anna fans would hate holly since we know she’s framed anna because victor has ethan. they were able to sympathize with val, who anna understood that he was under a bind due to victor holding charlotte. i thought holly was considered the “good” characters & whatever that is going on, tracks with holly & robert concocting something together against victor. but some are questioning if holly is actually “bad” & more nefarious.

  3. Also hitting a season high among Total Viewers, “General Hospital” (2.242 million) attracted its largest overall audience since the week of May 16-20, 2022 (2.242 million vs. 2.244 million). The soap was up +91,000 viewers week-to-week and up +139,000 viewers compared to the same week last year. In fact, compared to its performance in 2020, “General Hospital” was up +213,000 viewers, the second largest gain behind only “The Bold and the Beautiful.” Further, “General Hospital” was up in Women 18-49 and Women 25-54 rating compared to its performance one week earlier, one year earlier and in 2020

  4. oh goodness. we need more non related people in pc. this will make everyone’s family tree becoming a wreath so fast

  5. That Monica was Patsy Rahn. She did a great job too. When her and Jeff came to GH - they came as Mr. and Mrs. Intern.

  6. me every time i see the connection between ppl in pc: 😵‍💫

  7. i did a search at my end & it looks like it’s $344usd with a connection. aeromexico direct is $425rt.

  8. The connections are super long. Kinda makes it not worth it

  9. go direct then since it’s only a bit more & time is more valuable

  10. You questioned your relationship and thought you settled for less? Yikes I'm sure your girlfriend sensed this and did what she did. She deserves someone who doesn't think she's less than another attractive woman. People like you plant insecurities within healthy normal people damaging them by stringing them along believing they are worthless all because you think you've settled for less. Good luck getting over yourself. I don't think you're mad about her testing you, I think you're mad because you held onto that message believing you could get someone better. So now that you know the truth you're pissed that it was fake and she never really flirted with you. 👌

  11. ohhh the last part of your response is def what hit op the hardest that the hot woman wasn’t really into him at all

  12. You can only reduce it manually by backing up your phone through iTunes and restore the Backup 🙈

  13. i was in the apple store for another reason & asked the person who was helping about the system data. i asked if it would be better if i restored my phone via itunes & he said no. he said it’ll doesn’t make a difference, it’s just how ios makes the system run optimally. he said that because i have so much storage, the ios just will use more of the storage for the system data so things will run faster. but looking at op’s storage, idk if he’s just speaking bullshit.

  14. lima was great for me & enjoyed the food especially. i took the bus, uber, & walked (read up on areas to be careful to avoid at night). cusco’s elevation really messed me up. i love cusco though & it deserves a few days esp to acclimatize. i had to pick the highest bnb to enjoy the views of centro historico below. i’m a fairly fit person too. ate coca candy to help but boy did the altitude mess me up! mp was easy breezy cos it was actually lower altitude than cusco. i read the hot tip about going to cusco first to adjust then hit up mp & it’s a good tip.

  15. when check in opens, you can select your seats for free then. it opens 24 hrs before your flight.

  16. both are fine airlines for south america. some ppl choose one or the other based on the frequent flyer program they are part of. copa is with star alliance and latam is with skyteam.

  17. emirates? the 777-300er will be a better experience than the regional a320 since that’s about 5 hours flight. i flew with them from colombo to dubai & it was enjoyable cos it was so spacious cos everyone is more spread out on the 777.

  18. some airlines will let you hold onto the flight fare for a price. don’t know which airline you are looking at but here’s a list of airlines & their hold fare prices -

  19. yes, you can drink as much as you want for long hauls. you can ring up the fa for their attention or during meals you can have a pre-meal drink plus a meal drink then if you want, you can have a dessert drink. but they could cut you off any time esp. if you are disruptive.

  20. 17 bagels and one small container of egg salad (this is my second time so I assume the egg salad is a mainstay). They never disappoint.

  21. goodness. this is amazing haul. enjoy!

  22. Does anyone know when her actual last scenes are? According to the GH cast roster on wikipedia (granted not very reliable) it says she’s departing in Nov. But like Nov is almost over and I would imagine there would be a date/week set already. We only have 3 eps this week and next week only has 3 more days of Nov, so if wiki is correct her timeline for leaving is a little more than a week, but how is that possible when she just filmed her final scenes?

  23. the show tapes 6 weeks in advance so she’ll be on gh until sometime dec

  24. This tracks. Losing Nathan was a different kind of painful. While she and Kristen Storms definitely killed their scenes, losing Britt to a disease will be more heart-wrenching because it’ll be a slow process.

  25. and i think she blames herself for have been madly in love with faison, who had the hereditary trait that was passed onto britt. remember the lighthouse conversation?

  26. Thanks. I saw the same thing but haven't seen anything post covid if it changed. Accidentally booked a flight with a airport change in between. Luckily I saw it within 24 hours and canceled it.

  27. i was looking at jal to get to either sgn or bkk this winter but the nrt to hnd are such bummer flights. can’t imagine having to do the leg work to change airports after flying for over 11 hrs. hopefully new year will mean more flights to tokyo from abroad, in response to the reopening of japan.

  28. Do you know if it's a airport change from Narita to Haneda that I have to take my checked in luggage as well?

  29. i’ve only flown with them where it was via either nrt or hnd & not have had to switch airports. i’ve noticed that recent flights had mostly this nrt/hnd airport transfer.

  30. i found it easier to look at either ba or qantas reward site to see oneworld airlines availability. you have aa flying across the pond in business or ba j/f to london then connect to wherever. aa may add direct flights to various new cities in europe next year that won’t be released until likely the new year. since you are pretty flexible in getting across the pond, i would do a preliminary search on aa & ba sites to see what their routes are & search those routes on ba/qt award search site. mind you, sept is still peak season to head to europe but not as insane as summer.

  31. He actually looks a ton like the second Stavros (Robert Kelker Kelly).

  32. oh goodness, you are totally right. i was tryna figure why temp nik works so well, beyond showing up to the dialogue of the script. he’s showing displays of feeling threatened that esme could make him lose it all with ava & also digging into his cassadine roots.

  33. you just need to arrive early & check in with an agent. they verify that you have the necessary passport/visa to be entering the uk. they’ll print out the boarding pass once they confirmed your documents. there’s no charge to print the boarding pass since you were unable to do it on your own.

  34. why don’t you sign up for their deals alert & book when they have a sale?

  35. i did two trips this year to europe & found the less flying the better. there’s wonderful places you can go to using these major cities as a base. in barcelona, i went to sitges & tarragona. after take the train. to valencia. take day trips to towns near by.

  36. I'll piggyback on your post, I have a 14 hours layover in Haneda flying from HOU to BKK on Dec 7, flight UA 7937. I really want to spend a few hours visiting Tokyo.

  37. haneda is closer so it’s half the time to get into tokyo proper so yes, worth a day trip out

  38. i flew from sardinia to barcelona in late sept & there were no longer qr code registration or check by the health officers at the airport. it was dropped a few days prior to my flight. but i did bring my vaccination certificate (have had 4 shots) just in case. mask mandate is in effect for airplanes & all public transportation. i was in madrid in may & that requires registration & obtaining a qr code.

  39. i would suggest clearing your browser cache, then browse in incognito mode. pick the dates again & add an alert. it fluctuates up and down over the course of a few weeks. book when it gets to your threshold.

  40. She's ~5'8. So she's taller than the average American woman & almost as tall as the average American man.

  41. oh gosh, i thought she was incredibly petite like 5’5 at most. they make a great team.

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