1. Nunca habia visto a una cubana tan hermosa y sexy

  2. ¿De Verdad? Thank you so much papi ❤️ made me smile 😊

  3. Cute AF. But I'm not signing up for OF. For you or anyone else. Nothing personal.

  4. No worries I don’t push it on people. I appreciate your compliment and I thank you 😊

  5. I don’t live as a woman for any other reason that I was raised female and I tried living as a male for 16 months when I turned 18. I tried my best at it but I feel more female in my brain. My parents didn’t do anything to my body until I was old enough to see what happened. They had no idea what to do .

  6. Fair! Wasn't sure if it was a medically-based thing for health reasons or something.

  7. Do you also have persistent Müllerian duct syndrome too? My parents opted to raise me female and in 1990 when I was born I went to UM school of medicine as there was a huge lack of intersex knowledge 30+ years ago. Doctors suggested raising me female

  8. I already subscribe, sent you a tip the other day xxx

  9. Thank you honey . I am not uploading tonight btw but I’ll drop some new content tomorrow evening ❤️💋

  10. I will look forward to it, god bless you xxx

  11. I do lots of bathing videos on my only fans ❤️

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